My Tabata Timer – Circles that light up to indicate remaining sets

[App] My Tabata Timer

My Tabata Timer  To use, simply tap to go, tap to pause, and long touch to restart.

This Tabata timer app has:

No dodgy permissions required to install!
Big text that is easy to read in landscape or portrait
Screen stays on while timer is going
Colour changes between sets
Sounds indicating the end of a set and circles that light up to indicate remaining sets
Option to change colours, customisable set times, and customisable set number

Tabata is a high intensity interval training method (HIIT) will leave you exhausted after only 4 minutes. Try it with a variety of different exercises; sprints, kettlebells, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.

For example: when the tabata timer says go, do as many push ups as you can for 20 seconds. Then follow with 10 seconds of rest. Repeat until done. Be warned though, it’s tough!

Have any questions or feedback? Contact me via hello[at] or @ellerynz

My Tabata Timer user reviews :

Best one. No ads, no in-app purchases. Thank you author.

The best Tabata App. Simple. No adds. One thing to fix – media volume changes don’t affect the app when its on, so unmute your media before running the app.

It’s perfect. Simple to operate and plays over my music. Does exactly what it says it does with no nonsense. Great app thanks.

Simple, quick and adjustable to whatever time frame i want for the workout, rest and rounds. I reinstall it on my phone ever time I upgrade. Reico Captain Walker

Great app. Does exactly what its meant to. No ads or anything unnecessary onscreen. Kudos developer!

By far the best tabata app. No ads, just a timer. All you need, nothing more.

good timer but doesn’t work when the screen is locked so choose another.

Works simple and smoothly. No ads, thank you!

great free, easy to use and simple timer

perfect – just what been looking for – nice and simple

I use it fir my circuit functional training. it does what it says on the tin.

It’s simple but it works.

It does exactly what is needed and no more.

Can’t run in background but so far is ok

Great app. 100% recommended.

Best one of all It simple and free, got all i need

This app does just one thing, and does it thoroughly well. It also sports a great user interface. The only minor issue is the display of intervals completed when you are using more than 8 intervals (admittedly this is outside of the Tabata protocol though).

Like the simple user interface. It is well visible while working out. I just wish the dots shows up according to the number of sets. Above 8, they don’t display correctly.

Every time i try to go to another app the timer stops. I want to be able to go my music while using this without it pausing every time. And I have pause disabled but it still pauses

I love this app! It’s so simple and easy-to-use. Bare bones, all it does is manage my sets; rest, go, and ready times, and number of sets. I can do all the other stuff myself.

Perfect app just simple basic tabata nothing extra. Open up, start immediately, get your work done, and move on to the next task.

Very simple to use. I get up every afternoon from my office desk job and go to the break room for a quick break with arm circles, knee bends, toe taps. Simple exercises that make a big difference.

just what I needed. just a simple app counting seconds between sets and beeping when time to change. simple but enough. doesn’t need access to my files. don’t know why other fitness timers need it.

When I don’t need (or want) musical cues for a workout I consistently turn to this app. Love how clean, simple + straightforward it is!

No silliness, just a straightforward tabata timer. Sounds are normal instead of annoying like some of the other timers.

Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Simple with no music distractions… you are supposed to be exercising, not listening to music.

Almost perfect Tabata app. Please fix the interface for more then 8 intervals. This is really anoying. Thank you

Simply the best tabata timer. Easy, simple, no ads. Well done. For developer: please implement in menu options for rate app and donate

Its the perfect timer. It pushes me when I need the push to keep going!

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