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Fitness PointFitness Point is a simple app, to follow your progress at the gym and much more!

Best usability and design on the Play Store among competitors!

Create a personal workout or select one of the pre-defined workout plans to get you started right away!

Try the free version and purchase the PRO with additional features.

PRO version additional Features:

Hundreds additional exercises with description, animations and trained muscle.
Graph to visualize your log data for each exercise.
Timer to control precisely your breaks between exercises.
No ads!

Expert Membership:

Try out this amazing service for free
Share workouts with friends
Priority email support. Get an answer within 24 hours!

Free and PRO version basic Features:


Many preinstalled exercises with description, animations and trained muscle.
Create new exercises with muscle group, description, primary/secondary muscle and your custom image.
Add logs to exercises with weight, repetitions, date and notes.


Create a workout plan with exercises you like.
Enter your target sets and reps. for every exercise.
Quick navigation on entering logs with swipe gestures.
Shop with workout plans created by professional trainers.


Add Logs to every exercise.
Edit logs.
Calendar view of all logs.

Wear OS & Google Fit!

Visit to get more infos.

Twitter: @FitnessPointApp

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Fitness Point user reviews :

From what I looked at this is very well designed, simple and intuitive UI & has detailed customization options if you want it. That said, Ad frequency makes it nearly unusable without the paid version – to the point I’m not willing to suffer through the free for a good evaluation prior to paying. Uninstalling for now – may come back.

Major no-go: Incessant ads! Why do that when the only way to use this app is through paid subscription? Upsides: A decent number of exercises. Great visual depiction of muscles targeted for any excercise. Text guides are good. Downsides: Nearly all of those are available only if you subscribe, which with currency exchange rates is expensive. Animated guides for any excercise are quite basic. If you aren’t already aware of the correct form, they won’t be much help, so injury is quite possible.

It’s good, but not great. Subscription should have individual split session recommendations. A REAL simple change would be adding an optional alarm which sounds at the end of the time frame. I’m finding certain exercises are missing or have different names (I think have I built coding that searches for the alternative names could easily fix this). Edit after a few months. This app is clunky as and now has cleared all my workout history. Would love a refund but doubt I’ll get. Save your money all

  • Hi! Alarm selection is on our todo list. If you are missing some exercises, there is a function to create your own! And also custom workouts.

GENERAL : it’s okay but lacks alternative/modified exercises. sometimes you just can’t get on a piece of equipment (or the gym doesn’t have it) so you have to use an altered exercise or replace one altogether. SUBSCRIPTION: Sub is way too expensive. “personalized” plans are expensive for the value and mine was very generic. INTERFACE: clunky in parts. building workouts is difficult with the UI (probably intentional since premade workouts can be purchased). logging workouts is difficult as well.

  • You can always add log to any exercise from a global exercise list. Just click the menu button in the right upper corner to see this option. Personal workouts are generated based on the information you enter. We don’t force anybody to purchase anything. If you’re having issues with anything, feel free to contact our support team.

I have been using the paid version of this app for over a year. I use it almost everyday and have only ever had a couple of issues with it crashing on launch, I think I just reinstalled it to fix it. It has a wide range of exercises already, you can add your own if not and program your routines with different rest intervals and set/rep counts. The automatic rest timer is handy. It’s great for tracking progress week over week.

I downloaded the Android version & purchased the upgrade after testing several other apps. A solid 5 stars if 2 issues are fixed. Pretty easy to learn & build your program. The support videos are short & helpful. I like the timers, log & exercise descriptions. 2 issues. 1. The app crashes a lot & shuts off during my workout. I have to restart, but it does save my progress. 2. The set & rep data displayed on the exercise is often incorrect. I have to swipe back & forth for the data to correct.

  • Hi! Thank you for your detailed review. If you are experiencing technical problems, please use the contact form in the tab “Settings”, or just simply write an email to support_android[at]!

This is a great app for beginners ,but most important and basic exercises and other features are locked and can only be unlocked with payment. That’s the only drawdown to me. Its a good app

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