Fleet Command – Show you true power to your enemies

[Game] Fleet Command – Win Legion War

Fleet CommandFleet Command is a naval warfare strategy game based on real life ships and military ranks, providing players with a captivating experience of naval wars.

Strengthen your power by managing and developing your base, producing resources, building ships, recruiting officers and more.

Set sail to discover the vast riches of the sea in the world map. Mine resources, battle pirates and wage war against other players. Establish a Legion and lead your fellow players to glory in battles. It’s a big and dangerous world where only the strongest and the wisest can win!

In 2035, the lack of resources on earth caused a worldwide war. You received the order to attack the enemy military naval base and in the storm we encountered the enemy fleet…

Organize the top fleet of your own with millions of types of warships and dominate the sea! Show you true power to your enemies with smart tactics!

Intensive real-time battles
Legion Battle: Challenge other strong legions with your fellow commanders.
Cross-server Battle: A battle among top commanders from multiple servers.
Ocean Expedition: A 100 vs 100 intensive group battle where you can defend your server’s honour!
Home Defense: Protect your server from being invaded by players from other servers!

Join a Legion to work with other players in game. It’s more fun when you play in groups!

Global War
Our translation system makes it so easy for you to interact, connect and form bonds with millions of commanders all over the world.

Extraordinary graphics
With ultra realistic graphics and epic animation we bring you a vivid world of naval warfare.

Rich gameplay
Advanced Technology, experienced officers, abundant resources, strong air support, and even mysterious alien weapons. You can find them all in Fleet Command!

If you have any question, please contact us via Facebook, Instagram or E-mail. You can also visit our forum.
Facebook:Fleet Command Community
E-Mail: fc[at]movga.com
Forum:  forum.movga.com/

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Fleet Command user reviews :

far too much depends on the player spending real money. a newbie could be taken for a small fortune. too many parts locked, progression too slow unless you spend. lots of side games all costing of course. I was originally attracted by ads with a 3D attack by a submarine on a dhip but I’ve still to do anything like that and I’m level 40?????

has a lot potential to being fun but unfortunately can not grow due to high level players always killing your fleet while you mine, having your base attacked and zeroed in resources by high lvl players. Hard to find a guild that will help you grow and learn. Difficult to get officers and improve them. There many other difficulties that could be work on also. Something else that would be good is to remove the dead bases and put in enemy bases that can be attack to go with the other enemy targets

changed my mind about game. 1, Game full of dead accounts reason higher level players don’t let you progress. 2, you have to keel building your fleet because constantly attacked by different fleets. Most of the ships you have are lost forever. 3, Need crystal rock to level up your alien power. knowing your a low level players who been on here a while will happily farm your mines travel for over an hour and take everything you have just for fun and they can. There is no way of revenge.

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The graphic and music are good. The chat option doesn’t seem to have a choice wether to opt out or not and should have as it’s highly distracting. The updates and time outs are really not good on this game. Further the time setting of notification requests to meet aren’t sinchronised between time zones. The chats about NAP because of the time zone inconsistencies make a NAP between servers and gameplay notifications hard. Also. Shields or Bubbles seem to disappear randomly without any reason. Al

  • Hello Commander! Thank you for you support! We will continue to improve the game. Hope you will like it!

I play the game to pass the time as I work away from home. Everything was going ok until this morning. I has 3 fleets returning from mining two fleets got back without a issue how ever when the 3rd returned the fleet never returned to my base. They just disappeared. I lost a lot of ships somewhere in the region 900 ships. I never received the material which they mined and the ship have gone. So after a long time playing I will be deleting thus game and hopefully fund a new game that us similar.

Impressive. I have been playing fleet commander for many years now and it just seems to be getting better and better. There has been a few glitches over the years but that seems to have all been sorted. Thank you Movga team for my experience so far

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