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[Game] Mecha Domination – Rampage

Mecha DominationHow can humanity survive in a perilous wasteland overrun by rampaging mechanized beasts?

Our once flourishing world was annihilated by colossal mechanized beasts, causing humans to be displaced wherever these beasts roamed.
For centuries, this world has been plagued by wars and massacres, until you, a valiant commander emerges.

You will lead the survivors to capture and modify beasts, train troops, form alliances, and ultimately save humanity’s last remaining enclaves.

Free Exploration
Explore the remnants of human civilization in a vast world.
Discover traces of rare beasts, encounter mysterious characters in need of help, and locate rare resource tiles… Embark on an exciting adventure!

Build a Shelter in the Wasteland
A shelter is the only source of warmth and security in this desolate world.
You can design your shelter to your liking, utilizing the colossal skeletons of defeated beasts as your roof and displaying all the souvenirs you have collected on your journey.

Create Exclusive Mecha Beasts
Vicious mechanical beasts roam freely, wreaking havoc and leaving destruction in their wake.
Craft dozens of hunting weapons, capture and tame these beasts, and transform them into your combat force.
From Scorchers and Spikerollers to Tyrants and Sickleclaws, and even Firespitters, you can build your very own beast army.

Train Elite Troops
Be sure to bring enough manpower when venturing into the wilderness to search for supplies, as vicious beasts can attack at any moment!
Assemble your own expeditionary force and create the most effective lineup.

Form a Strong Alliance
Don’t face the apocalypse alone!
Join forces with friends or join a powerful existing alliance to share resources and increase your influence. Lead survivors in rebuilding their homes, and find hope together in this post-apocalyptic world.

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Mecha Domination user reviews :

I have recently commenced playing the game and am thoroughly impressed by its innovative approach to a classic concept. The game’s graphics and ideas are exceptional, and I eagerly anticipate its continued success and longevity.

Constant screen block. Had to restart game 4 times in 15 minutes.. Need to place 10000 alliance towers in order to capture map building. Super money focused. Waited to try this for a few weeks. Big disappointment

  • Dear player, thanks for your comment. We feel really sorry for the bad experience. May I know the specific information about the block of screen? You can contact our CS team through a ticket. We will help you with this. If you have any suggestion, you can also tell us. Thanks for your support.

Sofar it’s just tutorial but it’s kinda engaging, if I had to guess it’s a little like most base builders just with apocalyptic landscapes and mecha dinos

Saw the game had no reviews and th ad was fairly interesting. Unfortunately it’s just another copy paste base builder made by a company that has zero idea what players actually want out of a game

Awesome graphics fun to play and dinosaur’s and other Animals makes it a great game

Fun easy to play they give away alot of stuff fun all around.

Super fun and the grafics are amazing,,the beast design are beautifull

the easiness of this game makes it fun to play. No dull moments.

Fun simpler design, but great start

Might change later seems to be alright for now still at a low level will see how far I get then will drop another review

The beast so process powerful n adorable please add more

I love this game because it is a great building game for all.

I was really enjoying this game, I’ve played these games over 20 years found this game and wow I love it! However soon uninstalled after seeing a 24hr shield cost over 5k gems which as I know in these games is far too much, most average around 1k gems for a 24hr shield and shields are essential in these games due to big spenders aka bullies

Pretty kewp pretty kewp. And the promo codes from youtube actually worked

I just started playing today. But so far. It’s a good game

It is an amazing game so many cool creatures I love it 10 out of 10

This game is very very good I give it a 5 because I play this all day

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