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FlightViewPlane finder and flight search engine from the leaders in real-time flight information!

Track upcoming and in-air flights, both domestic and international throughout the world, and receive flight alerts and flight status updates via push notification. Check the progress of your flight, airport gate assignments, flight delays, cancellations and use our flight radar map to see your plane’s flight progress.

This plane finder app is available for both phones and tablets. Wherever life takes you, count on Flightview to help you travel smarter!

Features of our Live Flight Tracker & Flight Radar:
Real time flight tracker – Track flights on a map showing flight path and current radar weather
Flight status – Push Alerts for saved flights in My Trips, know when your flight has departed, landed, delayed and much more…
Airport info – View terminal, gate, baggage claim information, 7 day weather forecasts.
My Home page – Gives an easy view into your home airport’s current status and your upcoming trips
Driving Directions to Airport – Find your way to the airport. Integrated with Google Maps!
Flight schedule – Find alternative flights by viewing flight schedules between cities, view airport arrivals and departures
Flight search engine – Search flights up to 350 days in the future and save them
Airport Delays – View American airport delay maps with flight radar & weather information.

My Trips Features:
(BETA) Forward your itinerary confirmation email to Trips@Flightview.com, and it will be automatically loaded into your My Trips of the flight tracking app
Trips are synced between devices and on www.Flightview.com so you can quickly reference their statuses everywhere
Add notes to your saved flights and trips, such as car rental, hotel reservation numbers, parking, taxi info, and keep your travel information in one place
While in-flight, review your saved itineraries in Airplane mode

Airport Delay Information Features:
View a color-coded map of airport delays in the US & Canada with weather overlay to see how your travel plans could be affected
View list of airports suffering the Biggest Departure Delays
View Flightview’s proprietary Airport Delay Index for 180 major airports in the USA and Canada
View FAA Airport Closures & Delay Programs for major airports in the US

Flight Status and Trip Sharing Features:
Share trip itineraries via email or share flights via email or SMS/text
Share your flight status via social
Provide your close friends and family with peace of mind during travel
Login to FlightView using Facebook login

Calendar Integration
Save your flights to your Calendar to easily manage your flights and trips.

Tired of Ads?
Our free app is supported by ads, if you prefer not to see ads, please consider subscribing to support the development team directly.

Use the reliable flight search engine to find the aircraft on the flight radar and check the flight status.

Download our live flight tracker and plane finder app to get all important information you need for your flight. Check the flight schedule for your chosen destinations. Check any flight status – track planes – view airport arrival and departures – plan your flights and trips, travel smarter with our flight app!

FlightView user reviews :

Agree with recent reviews. This was my go-to app for air travel, always accurate, great resource, but the ads are unbearable and often have been loud and disruptive with no option to turn off the sound. (embarrassing when traveling) I get creators need to get paid to keep it going, and I wouldn’t mind the ads if I could turn off the sound AND they weren’t so frequent. I would also pay a flat fee, but I’m not subscribing to another service I don’t use frequently enough.

5+ year user of the app, however I’ve began to look for other options. Recently, these full screen video/sound ads have stated to pop up in the app. This style of ad is really obnoxious and detracts from the user experience. If you don’t mind the ads, this app easy to use and navigate. I use it primarily to track my flights and people I’m picking up.

Been using this app at work for two years it was great for a while. I stopped using the app because unfortunately the ads got progressively worse. Usually I can handle a bit of annoyance for a free app but it became full screen ads with sound, then countdowns before close, and eventually countdowns with sound that make you confirm again to close after clicking the close and the exit out buttons were not responsive so I’m frantically clicking exit a lot because it doesn’t read and it opens the ad

Considering that Air NZ has let me down so many times when it comes to flight information I’ve turned to this free app. Easy to use and can put together trip information from various airlines! Unlike the Star Alliance or One World apps, including Air NZ and Qantas, I can put them together and even add Scoot and Alaska! Hope they don’t change the useful free app. I have noticed that some people complain about the pop up ads. For me after dealing with Air NZ’s Oscar, this is nothing. Just close.

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