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Carango is the first CAR MANAGER APP for Android and the only one where you can keep full control over your vehicles. We developed a complete finance manager for your CAR, MOTORCYCLE, TRUCK or BUS with tons of options to make your life easier.
A beautiful and modern interface together with the best data processing tools make Carango the best choice to manage your car.


Perfect for you that want to control your personal vehicle and the best option for professionals (truck and taxi drivers, Uber, 99, Cabify, courriers, etc) that want to keep close control over expenses and incomes.


With this app you can manage MULTIPLE VEHICLES and register an unlimited number of refuelings, services, expenses and incomes for your car. On top of that, Carango will process your data and give you detailed reports like daily/monthly costs, average consumption, cost per km, most expensive gas stations, service details, installments frequency and much more. With all that information you know exactly where your money is, helping you to take decisions and save money.

Are you in doubt which gasoline has a better cost/benefit for your vehicle? Carango answers that.

By having Carango as you CAR APP, you are free of spreadsheets and will never forget to schedule a maintenance, pay fines, taxes or financing installments.



Choose the nearest and CHEAPEST GAS STATION through Google Maps and record your refueling to get important information like average consumption, cost per km, distance between refuelings and much more. All data is presented through stunning charts and reports that let you know everything about your car daily usage.
Carango supports vehicles with multiple tanks and fuel types like Gasoline, Ethanol, Diesel, LPG, CNG and Electric. Want to register a different type? Carango supports that as well.


If you use your vehicle as a working tool, this module is for you.
Record your rides, freights, sales or any kind of revenue to know how much you are earning with your vehicle. Perfect for application drivers (Uber, Cabify, 99, couriers, etc) and a must have for truck and taxi drivers.


Keep track of how and where you spend your money. Carango allow you to register taxes, insurance, fines, parking, financing and many other expenses.
Carango also provides reports and charts to complement your data.


Carango allows the driver to have full control over any kind of service performed on the vehicle.
You can register services like inspections, oil change, tire rotation, suspension check, filters, etc. Do not miss a single maintenance on your vehicle anymore.
As other modules, you will have access to complete reports and charts on top of services.


Schedule time or odometer-based reminders for regular services and expenses. Carango will notify you when it is time, for example, to do an oil change or to pay a tax.

Flex Calculator:

Perfect for when you are at the gas station and don’t know whether to choose Gasoline or Ethanol. Carango helps you to decide by just entering the current fuel prices.


No advertising
Add a custom picture to your vehicle
Share and manage vehicles with unlimited drivers
Register unlimited incomes
Share and customize the charts
Receive priority support within 24 hours
Get future Premium updates for free

Privacy policy:

Carango user reviews :

The new version is very good. But there might be a bug that was introduced with the last update. All of my milages which were in miles are now shown in kilometers. I have gone into the car setup and changed it. It shows miles in the car setup but still shows kilometers on the timeline. I tried stopping the app and doesn’t fix this issue. Update 5/22/20 — After a quick response from customer service the issue was resolved by deleting and reinstalling the app. It now shows miles.

  • Hi Larry, We’re going to look at this. Please send an email to support[at] and let’s keep in touch there.

The app would be much better if it could be set up to automatically upload to a database like Google Drive, Dropbox or such. I had three vehicles in the app with information that went back 8 years or so. When my phone was damaged and had to be factory reset the SD card became unreadable. All those years of data are gone. I’ll be looking for a different way to track my data that will back itself up.

I’ve used this app for years updated now it won’t use the old database with all my info in it says must be uploaded from the cloud and not providing any other way to access old info making the years of info in it absolutely useless. Update the developer was very helpful. They reached out to me and with a little time the issue had been fixed. It is back to where it was.

  • Hi Ray! If your problem is not resolved yet, please send us an email – support[at] and we will help you.

I believe this can be a nice upgrade once the app recognizes I paid for the premium version. For some reason at first it recognized that, then after I closed it, reopened it, it no longer recognized I paid for the premium. Working through this problem with developer. Support is very welcoming.

Contact developer :


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