Flipper Dunk – Show your best shots

[Game] Flipper Dunk

Flipper Dunk

 It looks EASY but it’s NOT!

Flipper Dunk is a challenging single-tap basketball game.

You’ll need patience of a monk & precision of a master to dunk.
It will be very satisfying when you do; if you can!

Keep you flipper ready and show your best shots to be master of Flipper Dunk.

How high can you go!

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Flipper Dunk user reviews :

Super fun game! Basketball and pinball, great combination! Just wish there was a paid version. Way too many ads. I’ll probably play for little while and then delete.

Okay, so the concept is fun and the adds aren’t bad, but after lvl 250 they start to repeat and plz fix. Otherwise great also add more things that you can buy because I have 100,000 diamonds and on level 500 and nothing do to but continue earning diamonds- and watching the endless amounts of ads. Also, to other reviewers or people reading this: NO OME CARES IF THE GAME WPRKS ON YOUR DEVICE AND YOUR WIFI LEVEL. Really. No one asked.

It’s a good game. Useful for passing the time when you have nothing to do. But sometimes when I fail, I just want to retry. Don’t want to sit through ads to get going again. But when I don’t click the watch ad button, it still gives me ads anyways! And then when I wanted to retry when I had one hoop left to dunk, or I wanted 3 more keys for the boxes, it wouldn’t give me the ads! So I’m sorry but until you fix the ads, it’s 3 star

Good game. Sometimes the ball gets stuck between the wall and the flipper. Whenever that happens, it doesn’t let the flipper move. I can’t even go to the menu since the level is in progress. It leaves me with no choice other than closing the app and restart. Can you provide a back button on level screen to go to the menu or just don’t let the ball stuck there?

The concept of the game is really fun. Unfortunately there execution was poor. The ads in the game are the real problem. The game stalls constantly because a new ad is loading the the banner on the bottom, which makes it so that the ball will continue to roll, but the flipper won’t respond. My phone can handle much more resource intensive games than this, so it is something in their code that is making it stall.

I was in love with this game when I first got it, but then this newer update came and the main game is only 3 shots per level, which in the older version ranged between 3 and 8. Also there must be a glitch in endless mode, because 7/10 times it doesn’t even register the ball or the shot, if the ball falls under the flipper, it will just sit there with the ball no where to be found, doesn’t even restart……… But all in all a great game (Just get rid of the update)

It is enjoyable. However, beware when you pay to remove ads. It doesn’t remove ALL ads, it only removes the ads in between each level. If you want extra keys, replay challenges, replay levels, or unlock extra balls, backgrounds and flippers, you still need to watch ads. So if you’re ok with that, then this game is good at making time pass.

Game is fun, BUT intrusive ads (some unstoppable for the full 25 seconds). Glitchy play. Inconsistent response to controls. Needs to restart with alarming regularity (freezes). Never ending mode worked only once, and has since ended. At one point had advances to 9-bucket goal, but new never goes past 4. I have played quite a bit, but am now about to uninstall.

I see flipper dunk while scrolling on fb. I get excited. I think of the days of arcades and nostalgic fun. I download game. I have fun. I play more. I see ads after every round. I get frustrated. I am reminded that life isn’t wonderful anymore. I uninstall game. I contemplate life for a bit and make a sandwich using left over meatballs. I feel better. I now look for other games with less ads.

Fun game but the ads are annoying but when you buy to remove ads it won’t remove all ads it will just get rid of the ads in each round but it’s still a great game

Everything about the game is fine, there’s nothing bad about the game itself, but there’s just WAY too many ads. There’s an ad in between each level, which doesn’t take more than a minute to complete.

Great idea, could see myself playing this on and off for a while during downtime. Unfortunately as others have stated there are far too many ads. Its sad but it takes the fun out of the game as you spend a majority of the time watch ads rather than actually playing. Its an easy fix less ads = more playtime and therefore a more enjoyable experience.

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