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[Game] Streetball Allstar

Streetball AllstarWe are an exciting and fast-paced multiplayer basketball esports game. Play in 3×3 matches against your friends and players from around the world!

Play with Friends
Invite your friends and show your awesome teamwork to the world by forming a team and play in 3v3 matches together!

Worldwide Community
Play with millions of players worldwide!
Challenge professional players from all over the world and make a name! Give what you’ve got to climb up the ladder and make it to the top! Be an admired superstar on the global leaderboard, and collect exclusive rewards every season!

Multiple Characters
Collect multiple characters with different positions: Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Point Guard, Shooting Guard. Find the characters that suit your playing style, hone your skills to outperform other players, and win MVP!

Professional Skills
Your characters have various professional skills such as box out, flick, follow-up shot, hook shot, fadeaway 3-pointer, bounce pass, pick-and-roll, etc. Each player has their own unique and exclusive skills. Use them wisely to lead your team to victory, and be the focus of attention on the court!

Meet New Friends
Watch replays of the best players’ matches! Interact with other players around the world, and team up or challenge them to practice your skills or make new friends in the game!

What are you waiting for? Download Streetball Allstar now for the excitement of quick and skill requiring streetball matches with your friends against players across the world!

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Streetball Allstar user reviews :

The game itself it good, with simple but challenging mechanics but I would like to recommend a change in how Matchmaking works. Heres the suggestion, if a player uses a character that has a certain rating (ex: fireking at B rating) the player must be paired with teamates and enemies that have a charater with the same rating, regardless of their rank.

What i really dont like about this game: 1. Rebound priority system, the ball seems cant be touch until Rocket jumps. Then the ball suddenly teleport to his hand. So unfair! 2. Bug and lag during match. 3. When defending, opponents can walk through your body. 4. From standing to defending stance, your body will slide away from opponent. (Glitch)

First of all, music in this game after a few weeks of playing is annoys me, but without it is not good also, so….idn. Overall game is nice, but getting, upgrading new players is so hard and expensive. So I have account with no donations and have only 4 characters 2 on SS tier and that’s it. Balance of characters and their abilities in game isn’t so perfect, couple of them are too overpowerful. Can’t stop them

  • Dear player, Thank you for your interest and support in Streetball Allstar. We apologize for any negative experience you may have had and we value your feedback greatly. Our team is actively working on resolving various issues and improving the overall game experience. have fun!

Definitely a fun game. The new player experience isn’t great though. I would highly recommend the developer have free practice available right from the start. Learning the game mechanics is critical for the players fun.

The game is fun except for the 1 in 3 games where you stand there at 999 ping in the red looking like a dumbass. Its been like that for the whole year I’ve had it. How hard is it to fix the lag. Yikes!

Pretty good overall. Getting diamonds/characters could be so much easier. Leveling up could be a little easier. And the ranking difficulty is perfect. The controls and quality is top notch, but I think if you added 5v5 modes with stamina I think the game would be more interesting. Also you could try putting ovr for characters.

  • Dear player, Thank you for your interest and support of Streetball Allstar. Your positive feedback has given us great encouragement, and we value your opinions. Our team is working hard to address various issues and continuously improve the gaming experience. Have fun playing!

It is crashingg, i cant play. Once i go in the main menu. Few seconds in, it will crash. Edit: I just had to reinstall after the whole update

  • Dear player, for your crash problem, we suggest you try to clean up the phone storage , Our team is also actively working on resolving various issues and improving the overall game experience thank you

The game Overall, is well put together. From the new characters and how you introduce them, how you made it where u can win seasonpass outfit without having to pay. Game mechanics are pretty good. Game logic could use work. Couple things that could use work..rankings for players and positions could use a better system. . I went from 4 too 2 stars because their customers service is terrible and they don’t want to pay you back what the owe you when the game faults. They owe me still.

  • Dear player, Thank you for your interest and support in Streetball Allstar. We apologize for any negative experience you may have had and we value your feedback greatly. Our team is actively working on resolving various issues and improving the overall game experience. We hope to see you again in Streetball Allstar soon!

The game is unrealistic. I can be WIDE OPEN with a SHARPSHOOTER and miss. While others can hit fadeaway 3’s while triple covered. I wonder if the creator has ever played basketball a day in their life.

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