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[Game] Flow Legends – Pipe

Flow LegendsNobody likes getting wet – most of your customers certainly don’t! Fix the pipes and show your engineering and puzzle-solving skills in a unique way!

How to play Flow Legends: pipe arcade games:
Look at all pipes on the level
Think how to connect them. But be careful – some levels are quite tricky!
Finally, connect all the pipes and start the fluid flow!

What are you waiting for? Download Flow Legends: Pipe casual games and start connect pipes!


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Flow Legends user reviews :

Decent game concept but gets pretty repetitive esp with ads after everything..SOO MANY ADS… but the worst part is the fact they try to charge 5.99 a WEEK for no ads… yes a week not a one time purchase not 5.99 a month.. I couldn’t Uninstall fast enough .. oh and there’s a city that you can build… that doesn’t really fit in anywhere besides more ad revenue as if you want decent things you can’t just buy them with the in game gold. Can’t get ur winnings w/o watching an ad first or lose it

On the plus side, this app is actually as represented in the adverts, hence the two stars. But… there is ZERO skill required to play, it’s basically join-the-dots with a cartoon motif. The levels don’t get any more complex. A three year old could easily master this.

Honestly giving it 1 star is unfair, the game has potential, but i kept waiting for an actual puzzle, and I made it through 40 levels and they started to repeat. I should be getting puzzles that require some modicum of thought, not ones where the only possible move is the correct one

This app is awful! Don’t waste your time downloading it,you’re just going to un-install it after a few levels. I got to level 5 and every time it went to an ad it froze and I had to restart it. Not relaxing at all. It is very frustrating to reload after every single level. Maybe an update would help, but I won’t be wasting my time again. 2 thumbs down

  • Hello, Sonia! Thank you for the report! We are working on fixes and improvements, and we hope that you will like the game’s next updates! Make sure to check out Flow Legends in the future!

game isnt bad but certainly has room for improvements. forced adds with no rewards is a huge negative, then after a certain point in the mid 30s the levels just repeat, no new challenges. getting rewards doesnt feel rewarding. there is also so many different ideas here, pin pull, pipe connect and sand dig, each on their own are ok, but together its kind of a mess.

  • Hello, Dustin! Constructive criticism helps us make the game better. Thank you for the review!

Cute game, hard to fall for when there are too many ads to let you get addicted to a daily play. Had to remove game.

It’s a good game but too many adds also after the add is played the sound of the game is gone .. I ahve to close it and start it again

Could be a great game but ever level is the same thing and they are so lame a 2 year old can do it. I think this game is made for young kids cause it’s way to easy and 5.99 a week u want are u serious or is that a prank

There are so many ads in this game that it’s quicker to close the game and reopen it to play a level then it is to actually stay in the game and keep playing. 0/10 do not bother unless you really enjoy ads

Too many ads and on top of that $6/week for no ads???! I could understand $6 for no ads forever but per week? This game isn’t worth that. Asking that much a week for no ads is just being money hungry

Great game I seen a ad for it and I decided to give it a shot did not disappoint I usually don’t play these types of games I haven’t had any problems so far so I think it’s a job well done

It’s a cute enough game and pretty easy really. Then at level 35 it starts to repeat the levels over again. Not interesting to play the same game again and again when you’ve already done it.

  • Hi! Our team is trying to provide a quality product and we’re glad to have your feedback. If you have any suggestions for improving our app, send them to info[at]aigames.ae. Thank you!

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