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[App] FlowSavvy – Time Block Planner

FlowSavvyFlowSavvy is free forever, with the option to upgrade to FlowSavvy Pro (see flowsavvy.app/pricing to compare). We’re working on making this a native in-app purchase so it shows up on the Play Store!

FlowSavvy intelligently schedules the tasks from your to-do list into your schedule so you can see exactly what needs to get done and when. Once you try auto-scheduling you’ll never go back.

Advanced auto-scheduling:
Automatically split tasks when they don’t fit in your schedule
Automatically balance your workload over multiple days
Automatically rebuild your schedule whenever you make a change (no more manually shifting all your time blocks!)
1-click recalculate your entire schedule when you get behind
Generate optimized time blocks from your to do list up to 8 weeks ahead
Customizable auto-scheduling settings so FlowSavvy plans how you plan
Customizable scheduling hours (Work hours, Personal hours, etc.)

Task/Event features:
Set due dates and durations and have FlowSavvy decide where to schedule them or fix them to a specific time
Repeating events and tasks (<– flexible habits!!)
Partial completes and progress tracking
Complete tasks directly from the calendar
Tasks color coded by how close they are scheduled to their due date (green, orange, red)
All day events and busy/free events

Other features:
Push notification reminders
Google Calendar syncing
Multiple calendar views and to-do list views
Unlimited events, tasks, and calendars
Quick capture tasks in the inbox, schedule them later
Dark mode and custom colors for events and tasks

This is weekly planning like you’ve never seen before. Download FlowSavvy now and experience automatic time blocking!

FlowSavvy user reviews :

I used to do time blocking combined with a to-do list years ago on paper and found it to be a very effective way for staying on track in my day and getting my stuff done. This app takes time blocking to the next level with it’s auto-schedule and recalculating features. It is very simple to use yet powerful. I’m a huge fan of this app! Like any productivity app, you’ll need to spend a little time up front to get it set up, but it is well worth the time.

  • Hey Nate! So glad to hear you love FlowSavvy!! And that’s totally how we felt about time blocking as well before we made the app. Time blocking by hand was super helpful and effective but was just too tedious to keep up with, so FlowSavvy really just takes it to the next level like you said. Thanks a ton for the great review!

So, this app wasn’t actually working for me. I love the idea, but what actually resulted was me just ignoring notifications. I did really like how FlowSavvy had set up my schedule, I just wasn’t listening. This review is more for the customer service aspect – when I sent an email cancelling, I got a professional reply within minutes. When I asked for a partial refund since I had it for two weeks but paid for a full year, I got a full refund. Superb customer service!

  • Thanks so much for the review Megan!

Nice way to visualise and plan the tasks you have to complete within a calander view. It would be great to trial premium before committing as you get so little (the 3 most recent edited/created repeating tasks) scheduled on the free plan.

  • Hey Emily, thanks for the review! I appreciate the feedback and again, I agree, and we will be implementing an official free trial when we can. In case you missed our earlier reply, we are more than happy to add a month of Pro to your account so you can try it out. Please reach out at support[at]flowsavvy.app! Thanks again for the feedback!

App is great and the auto schedule and reschedule is really unique. Especially when split function and travel buffer features are utilized. What really makes this app stand out is the fantastic customer support! Very responsive and engaging. Thanks for the great app; looking forward to future features.

  • Thanks for the great review! So glad you’re enjoying FlowSavvy and we’re always happy to help!

Brilliant!!! When I don’t have clients I procrastinate big time with admin. This little gem syncs with your calendar, you add tasks you want to do & when etc. You can split it over a few blocks or 1 sitting. You add in your working hours and this plans the tasks. No more procrastinating by “planning my day”. If, like me, you don’t always get everything done, this clever app reschedules it. I love the inbox, I can add in all tasks and then add them to the calendar when I’m ready to do them.

  • Thank you so much for this amazing review!! We’re stoked that you’re enjoying FlowSavvy!

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