Flying Tank – Reclaim the stolen Earth

[Game] Flying Tank

Flying TankSlay giant bosses, drop bombs from above and build an arsenal of fun, powerful weapons. Reclaim the stolen Earth in a rich action-packed horizontal shmup.

Embark on 24 missions
Three distinct factions and unique adversaries
Encounter 6 main bosses and 18+ boss fights
Customize your Tank with a variety of Weapons and Bombs
Each Tank comes with a unique special ability
Bullet-Time, Overdrive, Drones, and 30+ other Upgrades
Support for Bluetooth game controllers
The FREE version includes 8 missions
Premium content with a one-time purchase
No ads, no microtransactions


Artwork by Zsolt Szabo
Sound design by Discofield
Original soundtrack by Kubatko


French by Marianne Germain
Italian by Lorenzo Turconi
Portuguese (Brazilian) by Rodrigo Capel
Spanish (Latin America) by Mauricio Videla
Russian & Ukrainian by Yuliia Tatsenko
Turkish by Archura Localization

Flying Tank user reviews :

It’s cool I really love the graphics one of the best most enjoyable games visually but a little on the dark side I didn’t adjust my display much but it did seem to need to be brightened slightly if I had to complain about something but overall that was fun and again visually stimulating after the bs ive been playing on here so nice job!!! I would even consider paying to play which I see u all do have quite obviously which I wouldn’t mind if the price is actually not more than a game system u buy

No forced ads or predatory mechanics deserves respect in this day and age. This is a free trial with 8 missions, you unlock the rest by buying premium or deluxe, which seems fair but the pricing is a bit high imo. Simple controls but I’d prefer to have buttons instead of swiping. Gameplay is fun so far, many equipment choices too. An endless or “survive onslaught” mode should be added if it hasn’t already to give more replayability. Clean, vibrant, graphics as expected of Hexage.

Just finished the game, easiest 5 star ever. Art directions, designs, sounds, and mechanics were unique. Challenging yet fun. Though, I wish there was an archive or some sort showing off all the design of the enemies, as it’s hard to focus on them in-battle. Like an artbook or something. Would def waste time in there admiring the arts. Overall unique experience, Hexage does it again.

I WAS having great fun playing this game. Option of floating joystick or finger tracking for movement is great, upgrading the weapons, thumbs up, but I have now got to the 2nd train, and every time I destroy it, the entire game freezes, and I have to shut it down and start again, so I can go no further now, which is a shame

  • Hi Robb, the newest version fixed the issue. Thank you for your support!

If you’re a bullet hell fan then this game is for you. As always, Hexage blends amazing visual style with groovy music and engaging gameplay and in the case of Flying Tank, the gameplay is very hard – it starts off easy enough but once you play a few levels in you’ll find yourself fighting just to survive a wave of enemies which will become the norm for the rest of the game and you are expected to buy and upgrade your gear to keep up in later levels. Fantastic mobile game.

It was terrifically impressive finished the game and completed all masteries just bought it last Wednesday on a whim yet it is clear that this is one of the few hidden gems out there I hope that It will continue to receive support somehow it’s a shame that we cannot upgrade the tanks unique skill it would be great if we could if it’s possible. One more thing is problem on the sound it can be rough sometimes.

  • Thank you for your support; it is very much appreciated.

The game is amazing! The different types of ships and weapons from enemies to bosses are great, you lose equipment if you die, but its easy to grind them back, you can mix up your equipment to fit your play style, although I’m not playing the full game the free game is still a blast, so give it a try and see for yourself.

This game is incredible! Really entertaining and fun I’ve been hooked up to the game since I tried it and it’s pretty much worth the price for the full version and if you want more you have the deluxe pack, which it’s a luxury yeah but it’s great. Now the “buts” for me to not give it 5 stars The first one and more relevant is that not all the control movements are equal. The game has 3 ways to control the movement of your tank, and with the joystick you cannot reach the full speed of your tanks

  • Each control scheme is different and slightly better for different things. The virtual joystick is meant for larger screens like tablets. I’d recommend trying them all and sticking with the one that works best for you.

This game is an actual game with no money grubbing mechanics. Just for that, it deserves 5 stars. Play the free version, and if you like it, pick up the full game. Advice for devs Death is too punishing. Consider making upgrades non-random it is annoying to try and get the ones u want. Add an endless mode or preferably 4 (only alien ,only scav ,only government ,all mixed) that earns you money and doesn’t destroy your ship. This would add a lot of repeatability and allows you to test loadout

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