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Nova Frontier XEmbark on the Ultimate Intergalactic Adventure with Nova Frontier X!

Welcome to the vast universe of Nova Frontier X, set in a richly detailed galaxy brimming with conflict and mystery. As a commander in this dynamic cosmos, you’ll strategize, battle, and negotiate to secure the most coveted resource in the universe—Dark Nova Crystals.

Unique Game Features:

Dynamic Combat Systems: Engage in exhilarating, skill-based spaceship battles.
Weekly Tournaments: Compete globally in our exciting Weekly Tournaments. Test your skills and strategy to climb the leaderboard and earn exclusive rewards.
Strategic Base Management: Build and manage your space base. Make tactical decisions that impact your resources and your fleet’s readiness for combat. (Coming Soon)
Non-Pay-to-Win Model: Thrive in a fair and balanced gaming environment. Success in Nova Frontier X hinges on strategy and skill, not on your wallet.
Mysterious Universe: Discover a universe filled with rebellious AIs, mysterious extraterrestrials, and human factions, each with their own agendas and secrets to uncover.

Join the Nova Frontier X Community:

Get involved in a growing community of galactic commanders! Share tips, strategies, and engage in discussions on the future of interstellar combat.

Ready to claim your stake in the galaxy? Download Nova Frontier X and chart your course to victory through the stars!

Nova Frontier X user reviews :

Seems unfinished, from the description. Point and shoot space battle. No open world, story line, or store for upgrading or purchasing ships. Map that doesn’t work, so only one level, with waves of ships and stationary guns to blow up. What you can play works well though, just overall disappointing so far. Has potential.

The game looks and plays very good. But I would love the option to set the controls on inverted setting. And perhaps being able to adjust the sensitivity on the controls as well as well as adjusting the placement of the ui. But the most annoying thing above anything else is the music. Crist. It’s not bad in of itself. But it’s just the same 30sec loop over and over and over again until your brain feels completely fried.

I was thrilled when I saw it on Facebook. I really waited for it to be publish so I can install it right away. And after 2 months of waiting I can finally start playing this game. But hehehehe I found myself very disappointed. I mean it should be great game everyone should be fighting each other, jealous because they have great ships and I only got free one, waiting for a free promo ships. But I guess this is what shouldwe expect on a newly released game. As the game progress so is my rate too.

I was waiting for the game since January and I had opes for it but the only thing I liked about it is nothing, because controls are pathetic and you can’t even aim correctly with current controls, it’s like either aim or change the direction. And one more thing the positive reviews of this game are all a lie, so I recommend don’t ply it unless you are a real fighter jet pilot.

2 star for now cuz I know you guys got a lot of improvements you want to do you guys should really consider an accelerometer as a way of flying the ship as an alternative way and the sensitivity is very very high and more sensitive Target locking sensor oh and try to replicate if you can in your own way Star citizen features like being able to switch from ship to ship and go to land on space stations and things of that nature

Good graphics, seems very basic for a space flight sim. 3 rounds for f2p is about all you can manage right now. The crypto spaceships are expensive. Latest subscriber email was programmer throwing a tatrum that he didnt make enough money on NFT drop.

The space shooter game in question falls short of expectations in several areas. Despite claims of being open-world, exploration is limited to combat encounters with bots within star systems. The graphical quality is severely lacking, with a 12-year-old game like Galaxy on Fire 2 surpassing it significantly. Furthermore, the controls and user interface are poorly designed, hindering the overall gaming experience.

Very fun game and I love how fancy the graphics are and the ships look so epic wish I had more time to do a better review but I’m busy ATM and will update later for better one

Awesome gameplay. Great graphics. Super addicting. Highly recommend checking out

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