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FollowChess  Follow live chess games from top international chess tournaments.

Check out the moves of the top players and learn!

FollowChess is now available on ANY Browser!
FollowChess is also available on iPhone and iPad!

From Candidates 2018 & Carlsen Karjakin World Chess 2016 match, Champions Showdown to Bundesliga and other International & National tournaments, we cover it all!

See why top players like Vishy Anand, Peter Svidler, Jonathan Tisdall, Tania Sachdev like the App!

Also used by Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana and other top GMs!


Watch multiple live games in a single screen! (works offline too!). And with the new WatchList feature, you can also watch multiple live games from DIFFERENT tournaments in a single screen!
Tap board to launch the analysis board. You can enter your own moves too or seek engine assistance. The board will update when new moves are made!
Now get notified when round of your favorite tournament starts or even each game results. Configure it per tournament.
(Pro users can subscribe to all tourney notifications. Free version is restricted to any one tourney, at a time)
Watch live official video broadcast as well as keep an eye on all other boards! (tap the Camera icon)
Analyze the Chess position with the power of multiple Chess engines, simultaneously! (Needs Analyze This app)
View All Games from previous rounds or filter games by your favorite player, result or ECO!
View Standings and more (Tap right down-ward pointing arrow to reveal hidden options)
Know when the next round of your favorite tournament starts, in YOUR local time

Analysis board – Double tap the board to launch instant engine analysis!
Analysis board – Swipe finger down to flip the board
Analysis board – Touch and hold left/right arrow key to jump to start/end of game


1. Pro can download all games in .pgn format. Free cannot
2. Pro can access all games from previous rounds. Free can only access drawn games.
3. Pro has no Ads.
4. Pro can view all Standings. Free can view standings of top tables
5. Pro can watch upto 8 games in WatchList. Free can only watch upto 3.
6. Pro users automatically become awesome! ;)

PRO Subscriptions
PRO for a month – USD 0.99
PRO for a year – USD 5.99

Please note monthly & yearly purchases renew automatically. You can cancel at any time via the Google Play Store app – Account – Subscriptions.

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Please send your suggestions and bug reports to pereiraasim[at]

Special thanks to Chessdom, Mark Crowther ( , Lennart Ootes ( & chess24

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FollowChess user reviews :

When you click the back button to go to the previous page or menu a full screen ad pops up with sound and then the back button stops working. You have to search for a tiny little X on the screen that actually allows you to close the ad as no other button does it. I understand the purpose of ads, but disabling the back button is a sneaky way to milk users and annoy them and those around.

Apart from the performance and stability issues reported by others, this is yet another milkingware that focuses on bleeding customers dry ad infinitum with recurring subscription fees => uninstalled.

I think the people are overly criticizing, Follow chess is a beautiful app that brings every individual closer to the chess world and help us keep track of latest events

An unmissable chess app. You have to try it to see how good it is. Also, Droidfish can be launched directly from this app.

Took me sheer amount of time to install it again.. it would just tell me to sign in with my previous account when I don’t even want to use that.. but ok.. now the problem is that when I click on the board of a match and then go back, the boards don’t load and I have to re-open the app.. pls fix it asap

Great content – the app allows to follow the most prominent chess tournaments from all over the world. The implementation is sloppy though. There are bugs and quirky behaviours. For example I can’t turn the sound off for notifications for some reason. All the boxes are unticked under Settings / Notification Sounds, yet the sounds are still there. Or another annoyance. You can only see either DRAWN games, or games from the LAST ROUND (even decisive ones) in the free version. This by itself is fine. BUT the logic is completely inconsistent, because you can’t access decisive games from the last round through a player profile nor the “All Games” view – they’re marked as “PRO” and unaccessible there… even though the very same games are still accessible through the “round” view! The design isn’t perfect either, eg. on the “Standings” list you only get to see points, but not the win-draw-loss stats. On the plus side, the app no longer crashes, unlike in the past when it would happen pretty often.
  • Hello, thanks for taking time to write this detailed feedback; its great! We are definitely going to improve the App further. We will look into the Notification sound issue. Please feel free to email me at asim[at] Regards, Asim

Amazing app for following your favorite players or tournaments. Would be cool if there was a FollowChess News tab in the menu. Other that that, perfect app!

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Video :

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