Food Island – Meet the adorable chef

[Game] Food Island – Cook & Restaurant

Food IslandThe Food Island has every food that hungry customers want to eat!

What do our cute customers want to have today?
Meet the adorable chef in the restaurant on this beautiful island.

Poor Rachel got lost on a strange island and could not return to her homeland. Here she gradually integrated with the inhabitants of the island and started her own business. She opened a small restaurant, at first very simple, then the business gradually developed and she increasingly expanded her restaurant empire.

To Rachel, she always wants her restaurant on the island to be famous everywhere and attract many diners from all over the world to visit and enjoy, so that she can find the way to come back to her old home again…

She explores new lands around here, finding unique recipes, combined with tasty traditional cuisines she already knows to cook in her hometown. Now Rachel has become a talented girl and is extremely loved by customers!

Join this exciting journey, help her cook delicious, eye-catching dishes and satisfy the most demanding diners on this island.

Very cute, lovely and adorable culinary kitchen!
Welcome to our fantasy world!

Step 1: Take orders from the guests
You need to take orders, cook, and serve yummy food to the customers!
The work is quite busy and you have to arrange the time properly otherwise the food will burn or the customers will leave.

Step 2: Cook delicious meals
Tap to cook, add toppings and complete the mission.
A fantastic restaurant that can cook any food for eaters such as: tea, coffee, sweet cake, hotdogs, hamburgers, pizzas, takoyaki, ramen noodle, sushi, beefsteak, barbecue, croissants and so much more!

Step 3: Serve customer and earn coins
Once they are satisfied, they will leave you some tips!
Money will be automatically collected

Step 4: Expand the restaurant and discover the island
Start with a simple restaurant, then expand to an extraordinary one!
Learn new yummy recipes and serve diverse food
Show us your great management skills!

Complete special dishes with the Cooking Power Boost item to instantly perfect the delectable dish.
Special pan, in order not to overcook!
Chef Support item helps carry the items.
Double your income with Double bonus.

Do you want to be the head chef of your own island restaurant? Check out Food Island – the cooking food fever is spreading.

With new guests to cook for, more tools to play with and new food combinations to test out, Food Island invites all master chefs to get messy and start playing!

Cook up some crazy cuisines and feed your adorable guests.
Diners are waiting in line to eat your tasty meals

It’s free and won’t cost you a dime!

Food Island user reviews :

Enjoyable, a basic entry in the genre. My problem is that i got to level 5 of the first restaraunt, unlocking a new food item, that i couldnt afford to upgrade so its faster to produce, so i went back to level 1… and had the new food item being requested, in pairs, by every other customer… Tldr: cant complete level 1-2… because its asking for level 5-1 items.

  • Hi Chef! You just need to try a little more to pass these level and upgrade the kitchenwares. Our production team has considered and calculated creating an advantage to make it easier for players to pass these levels. We hope you understand and continue to support us.

Fun. Upgrades are bit high vs coins earned. Don’t love giving stars earned to a cute pig to have to buy back. I hope further in the game earnings are more in line with upgrades. EDIT Second level upgrade costs ridiculously high. Too bad. Good game.

  • Upgrade and decorate your restaurants to attract more clients. Serve your own freebies, such as cookies or cupcakes, to make your customers’ experience more personal and memorable – just like in real life! Your cooking craze is gonna be very amazing and stable. Thank you chef for coming. Good luck.

Best experience of all the games. I enjoy a lot. This is the second day to me playing the game and l am much impressed.

  • Thank you Chef. Are you a big fan of casual games such as restaurant games, kitchen games and serving delicious dishes to hungry customers in amazing restaurants? If you got caught by the cooking fever too. Then this is the cooking game for you! Good luck to you in game.

Although it’s a fun game, too many ads take the fun out of it when after each level it’s and ad

  • Your comments push us alots, thank you. Let’s keep up with the rush hours, become better at time management. This cooking game offers endless fun levels with challenging missions set up in each level to give you that special experience. Enjoy your game and have fun, good luck to you

Having a lot of fun very delicious looking food lol makes me hungry

  • Thank you so much for your appreciation. Our cooking game is highly addictive time-management game this year that’ll bring you a better cooking experience! Let’s enjoy and relax. Hope you to have wonderful playing time.

Love this game. Love the fact that you can go back and earn more coins and be able to upgrade. So addictive

  • Did this cooking fever catch you on? Let’s get yourself in a real cooking craze. No challenge that can’t be beaten by you. Come and play cooking game in the most wonderful restaurant, Chef! Thank you for your rate, wish you a great time

Very addicting. Challenging but not too difficult.

  • Did this cooking fever catch you on? Let’s get yourself in a real cooking craze. No challenge that can’t be beaten by you. Come and play a cooking game in the most wonderful restaurant, Chef! Thank you for your rate, wish you a great time

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