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Car Company TycoonCar Company Tycoon is a completely unique economic simulator of the automotive industry, which presents cars and technologies from 1970 to 2023.

Use the available customization tools, design your perfect dream car, and then announce it to the world. Perhaps you are waiting for success?

Create the perfect engine for your car: whether it’s a large and powerful V12 or a small but efficient in-line 4-cylinder engine, almost all common engine layouts, various turbocharging systems are available for construction. Use detailed engine settings to improve its performance.

Create the car of your dreams: want a premium sedan? A sports coupe? A passable SUV? Or a family hatchback? Many common types of bodies with their settings are available for construction.

Car Company Tycoon’s campaign mode begins in 1970, where players test their design skills in an advanced automotive industry simulator. Revolutionize the automotive world, get reviews from well-known auto critics, explore the latest technologies to turn your young concern into the titan of the industry, meeting the needs of customers and the global community of motorists.

On the road to success, make the hard decisions that come your way as a car tycoon. You may need to upgrade a factory or contract with a reputable firm. Conduct recall campaigns in case of trouble with your car, respond to interviews on which your reputation and the image of the company depend.

Your goal is to become a leader in the world market! Create a truly unique product, get fans around the world!

Car Company Tycoon user reviews :

The game was AMAZING right until the last update. Now it is MUCH slower, MUCH more annoying to wo without paying for it, it is really screwed up. I don’t mind paying for a game (i did for a part in this and I was willing to buy a bit more) but NOT if I am forced to do it. Shame on you developers for slowing down progress so much, I hate the last update. Will be uninstalling and downloading pirsted copy of earlier version.

this game is incredible,but at one point when you are close to macing out anything it really gets boring,it would be wuite interesting if you could build electric cars,or detail the body of the car in more ways,i mean small details or maybe if you could make special cars for races,or make a category of official races or something for cars where you could put these special cars ,made obly for track.Overall it is a great game,also,I really apreciate the fact that there aren t ads at all,

The game has a lot of potential,i was really hooked for a few days but there isn’t a lot of content (at this time) especially after you pass the year 2014 the only things remaining is maxing out on research and and participating in races witch I’ve found to work very weirdly participating for example in lemans 1989 and you being in the year 2004 also research points are made slow while time passes really fast,either slow down the passing of time or ad ways to make research points

Since the latest update (with the improved research system), the game feels a little bit too ‘long’. It brings realism though, so getting rid of it may not be necessary but I do have a few suggestions that could help the gameplay: – The ability to produce different versions of the same car at the same time, allowing to gather more research points. – The ability to choose more than one continent to release the car. – Would an interior detailing phase be possible? – How about sporty spoilers?

I’m having a blast with this game, love the concept and the ads are not as invasive as I feared. I’m happy to support the development with my DLC purchase. I couldn’t resist mo’ powa with additional cylinders. I look forward to the updates! Added a few days later: I don’t know if this has been Added, but how do I make an electric or hybrid car after 2000? Also, please add different taglines than “at an affordable price” for car presentation (depending on the type of car being produced)

  • Thanks for your support!

Has potential, but needs some love. It’s crazy that I still have to sit through ads for a game I’ve spent $10 on. I wish car sales continued while in a menu. It’d also be nice if the cars could be more reliant on what purpose they’re built for and critic reviews reflect that (off-road truck vs luxury vehicle vs sports car, etc). Right now, it seems there’s really only one way to get good reviews from critics. Overall, love this game. Hope to see more updates and progress in the future.

I’m surprised at how much I really like this game and designing the cars/engines. Additions I’d like to see: 1) Ability to see the car from all angles instead of just the side view. 2) Ability to have more than 3 vehicles being sold at one time. 3) Ability to create new types of vehicles as they historically became available (crossovers, hybrids, electrics). 4) More detail in the reviews to see the reason for a lower score The amount of advertising is pretty acceptable and unobtrusive overall.

Pretty fun game, steer your car company all the way from the 70s, and on into the future. The many options for customization and design detail are really in-depth. The game concept is great, but art and execution need some work. I would like to see an orbiting view of cars in later updates. Perhaps a more interactive racing experience. Frame materials. Body panel materials. A more pleasant company home screen like a garage showing off past models rather than some empty office. Thanks!

Love the game. A few things I wish were added would be more body options like spoilers, tire profiles, seeing a physical parking lot of cars made, suspension settings, safety ratings and tunings, etc. Also ads disabled after making a purchase would be nice. I bought the engine cylinder upgrade but the ads are even more annoying now, some of them are just a blank or black screen. 4 out 5 so far! Love it.

This game is a really great game, would recommend playing it, somethings that I’d think would go really well if added to the game is company badge designing and either more body types for the cars or the ability to customise the body shape of the cars. A downside to the new update is the increased research points required to upgrade the stylistic features of the car like the door handle and all of that stuff from 10 points to 20, it makes progression on car design choices too slow

Love this game. I would say there is a couple of things I would love to see that for me personally would bring this to 5 stars. The first, is including ability to develop electric and hybrid technology as well. Improved and less generic feedback from critic reviews so you can improve. Finally, more options for race teams. To choose different types of classes, as well as more feedback and intuitive system so you know why you finished 10th instead of winning etc. It feels like guessing now.

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