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[Game] Force of Warships – Battleship

Force of Warships  Force of Warships is the dynamic online ship battles!

The game will give you a valuable experience of participation in military battles!

Become the captain of a real battleship and fight against players from all over the world in a dynamic shooter.
Steer real ships of the after wartime and the present.
Challenge yourself as a captain and send warship of any class to the sea. Use guns, torpedoes, artillery and missiles!

Action army games begin! Lead an exciting 3D sea battle, play online with friends against enemies and win blitz epic battles against destroyers, cruisers and battleship!

Fight together with players from all over the world, feel the tension of naval combat and wars of ships!
Win the Ultimate Victory!

Team up and fight multiplayer games with real captains from all over the world. PvP fights will determine the best navy!
Prove that you are the best captain in this war game and your fleet is invincible.

Drive legendary and modern warships from all over the world from the after wartime and the present!

Choose the warship that suits best your battle style. All ships will be under your control! And remember, the sea does not forgive mistakes!

Use all the weapons of the warship – torpedoes, missiles, guns, and the latest equipment to complete the combat missions of the navy.

Upgrading ships and weapons plays an important role in achieving victory in naval battles.

Ship upgrade systems allow your warship to show the highest level in the battle!

The system of upgrades and perks will allow you to create a unique fleet for a military shooter. Upgrade your engine, hull and weapons.

Participate in weekly tournaments, win prizes and awards! Complete daily quests and challenges for even greater rewards!

Modern graphics, excellent special effects, beautiful arenas for sea fight and the irreplaceable spirit of sea battles will allow you to enjoy every second of the battle in the war game!

Give the order and a battleship will complete the task! An exciting 3D war shooter will take you to the atmosphere of a naval battle blitz! Compete with your friends for military glory!
Ready for the combat blitz?

Join Force of Warships – an online military simulator game that will surpass all expectations. This is for fans of PvP, naval combat and everyone who loves action, military and naval shooters.
What are you waiting for, captain?

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Force of Warships user reviews :

Great time. but just like the rest of the top games. You must pay to stay on top. Needs another game mode or something. It’s hard to want to play more than a few rounds. Especially at $5- $10 each when you want gold ammo and level 4 ships. Bring your money if you want to compete. I won’t make it much further at these prices. But it was different and new setup.

  • Hello! You can play our game absolutely free. Premium options give some advantages, but do not give victory in the battles.

Well made game and the targeting system for ships is easy to get the hang of. Edit ever since last update the game is basically broken eather the server kicks you out on the team screen, at the start of a battle or right in the middle of a battle I play games to relax and have fun not get frustrated and yes it will charge you for all ammo you have meaning you will run out of both gold and silver very fast. Rating drop to 1 star and casting this game to the ashheap of games not worth playing.

  • Hello! We are very sorry that you have such an opinion about the game :( The game is in the open-beta test stage. We are actively cooperating with our players and correcting critical errors.

It’s a very good game this just needs some finishing touches for starters if secondary guns on the larger ships would work would be nice, possibly Smokescreen would be an interesting addition but only for 25-30 sec. And possibly ramming your opponent with your ship you just some ideas thank you

  • Hello! We will take into account your feedback in the future updates. Thank you for taking part in the game development! Sincerely, Developers Team

This game has what makes games fun. It has stages that you can practice on and every battle is different but the difficulty levels stay in place according to their presumed expectation. It’s a true rush to play each battle. Another diamond in the rough.. thanks

An ok-to-play cold war era hybrid of world of warships, world of tanks and modern warships. It’s fun to play, but the gameplay is shallow and a bit grindy, has a potential to become p2w due to premium ammo, and ships sometimes have weapons that mismatch with the real ones. Suggestions: -Ships have better matching weapons with irl versions -More ships (submarines, aircraft carriers) -more weapons (sams, helis, anti sub rockets) -Defenses or Countermeasures against missiles and torpedoes

  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback! Our game will improve with every update. If you have interesting ideas for improving the game, send them to us by mail – support[at]

Latest Update :

Minor bug fixes

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