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[Game] Car Force – PvP Shooter

Car Force  Prepare to become road warrior in PvP Car shooter games! Online car shooting with many legendary war gun!

You will have various cool battle cars in your arsenal. Choose your unique car and go drive ahead to crash arena!
You can take a new auto right in crash arena and joining crash! Become the best in multiplayer racing shooting game! Invite your friends and play ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE!

Update legendary battle cars!
Each vechical represents, a unique warfare style. Customize your autos by installing rare body kits or paint in the best color and drive ahead crash arena.

A huge arsenal of all modern weapons!
Many types of great weapons such as legendary shotguns, guns, car machine guns, target missiles and also ultra laser or plasma weapon! Joining arena pvp to show your strong in multiplayer crashing cars! Use your weapon to cross out his enemy

Fight in racing shooting game!
Combat crashing cars are waiting for you! Fight in race war, deadly desert, city landscape and much riot!

Destroy the enemy on death race!
Use different types of weapon, pick up and combine unique upgrades and boosters!
Turn the enemy into twisted metal!
Joining crash war – and cross out your enemy out of battle! Cross out your fears and joining race shooting war!

Defend the honor of your country!
Fight with players from all over the world! Take part in gaming games tournaments, take first place in the ratings of the city, country or even the whole world! And prove that you are the best road warrior on the death race!

Get all the rewards in racing game
Share your achievements with your friends on Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and so on.

Join in race shooter war and turn the enemy into twisted metal!

Car Force user reviews :

So nice, just like my favourite back then indestructible, which the cars had unique powers, also it would be nice to play against different types of cars, not just 3 types all the time. Put players with different set of cars, playing against similars all the time is tiring

I give it 3 stars for the reason’s im a 2 thumbs player. Of course with practice i will get better. Nice graphics and like the the variation of vehicles. It has potential for many ideas to make it a great game. I have a list and would like to share it. If you add the option to control the car from both side rather then one side It will be a great game.

  • Hello! Thank you for your mark. We are trying to make a game that our players will like. For all questions or suggestions, you can contact us by email – supxdevs[at]

I like this game so much it’s fun to play and captured in the baseit’s just the likeness of clans but the better we can capture the base modify our cars paint them. This game so easy and anyone can play it and the graphics are very good thank you for making this game

This is one of the amazing game I’ve played before.The graphics and gameplay is very nice.Its so fun and nice,but it would be more nice if we can invite our own friends and play as a team. Because I got many friends who play this game but we can’t play together, please do something XDEVS LTD.

Gameplay is good, but you can get disqualified easily by WA notification! Cars are way too expensive. Even worse: skin customization only last for a day! Come on! Skin are supposed to be free!

Game is cool, the level 5 cars are amazing i have seen the Avengers & Optimus cars,the only problem i face is servers problem i don’t know may be my region is so far or what, this is bad i lost the match before it started Lol!!

  • Hello, dear player! Thank you for feedback. We are trying to improve the game.

This game is mind blowing! This might have low graphics but it is so cool! I literally can’t stop thinking about it! It also has good community.

  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback :) Glad you liked it! Sincerely, Developers Team

Because of graphics and of my experience i can,t explain but good game but not too so i gave 3 star you can play this game nice game but graphics are not good and their are other issues

  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We will take into account your ideas and will do all possible to make the game convenient and interesting.

This is a cool and fun game! The graphics are amazing, and gameplay are awesome! The cars and upgrades are looking pretty good. I’m recommending to anyone to try this game, because it’s fun!

  • Hello! Thank you for your good mark! Your opinion is very important for us! Best regards – Developers Team

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