Frisbee Forever 2 – Steer your favorite Frisbee disc

[Game] Frisbee Forever 2

Frisbee Forever 2  Experience the rollercoaster ride of your lifetime with one of the world’s most beloved toys!

Dive and glide along the edge of erupting volcanoes, fly majestically above snow covered China or admire your reflection in the river glance at full pace through the European countryside.

Play more than 75 creative and individually designed tracks throughout three brand new worlds booming with life.
Steer your favorite Frisbee® disc skillfully with unmatched tilt or touch controls.

Complete daring missions, level up, unlock every Wham-O® Frisbee® and expand your collection of unique discs.

Discover a game filled with mysterious, challenging bonus levels and hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Are you still a Frisbee® Master?

Get the official sequel to the award winning blockbuster hit Frisbee® Forever.

Frisbee Forever 2 user reviews :

I love this game so much, but where is frisbee forever 3? WE NEED FRISBEE FOREVER 3 PLEASE!!! In frisbee forever 3 there could be a feature to customize your frisbee, and there could also be more themes, such as outer space, and you might bring back cherry springs and other levels from the previous frisbee forever games. I hope you work on frisbee forever 3 soon!

This games from 2015, 5hose asking for a sequel – it’s not gonna happen. Frisbees not really the most popular sport as it is but this isn’t even frisbee, it’s like a flying game and instead of a plane you’re in a frisbee. For a flying game it’s quite fun but those looking for a frisbee game should look elsewhere. Even though it was made for a long forgotten version of Android it still worked fine with version 10 just don’t count on ads for rewards working, it’s like that with all old games.

Amazing and unique game. Calming yet fun. You can either tilt or tap to move. Both provide difficulty, whilst providing fun. Ads very unobtrusive. Download now!

I had this game in an iPhone that I shared with my sister when I was 6yrs old…… This game made me rage quit and I smashed the phone on the floor, didn’t find it for next 5 days

I loved it very much please make frisbee four and we should customize Your charecter

The gameplay is bad and way to easy there are levels with plenty of short cuts that allow you to finsh faster with Faster movement Iv beaten the Whole game.

This game is very fun! Trying for gold is fun! Trying to find trophies is fun. The worlds are fun. The different frisbee skins are fun. This game is fun!

I have no idea how much I love it when I see it on my phone so I played with it but there is one more thing I have to tell the game is very slow

I have played the older game “Frisbee Forever” and I liked it and I think I’ll like this too.

The game is good 100% for a good advice download now

I was looking for more of a frisbee golf.. this ain’t it..

this game is awesome . but never try it to play.

Thank you for giving young me a good game to play

Wow amazing i love it pls make a frisbee forever 3 pls

Can you play update your game. It wont work on my straight- talk

I love this game a lot 9 times

I think it’s a good game and too addicting

Best game ever, looking for sequel

Love it Waiting for Release 3. please do That Hurry..

I think it will be the best game of frissbe in future

Suuuuuper Fun game, everyone should play this one

first I sow in my bro phone it was soo good to l like this game

This amazing game vera level bro

Long awaited, and great 1 issue I have is whenever I turn the music off, and play the game and pause the music turns back on and I can’t turn it off without going back to the main menu. But other then that its a great game, fun to play and NOT freemium, play as many times you want ads are minimal and dont get in a way. The only real issue is grinding for cash for frisbees but that’s okay for a free game. I guess

Hello there, I have played both frisbee games before on iphone, and they were capped at 30fps which was fine as my phone was quite old anyway. However now that i own a nexus 5 which is a beefier device, i see more vibrancy obviously and smoother fps, 60 if i am correct. Frisbee 2 has a weird 30fps camera and 60fps animations, game needs some optimisation and better implementation to the play store otherwise its wonderful!

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