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[Game] Funkin Music Battle – Official Mod Character

Funkin Music Battle  FNF Battle is a rhythm game genre where you need to use the power of music and perform a variety of original songs to win against your opponents in the funkin music battle.

You and your girlfriend are invited to a music party on Friday, where you encounter Pico – who was hired by Daddy Dearest to kill you, this time he challenges you to a captivating rap battle instead. Try your best to focus till the last minute and enjoy the date night with your perfect half.

Follow the rhythm: Listen to the song carefully, and show your moves at the right time. It’s a perfect time to test your music knowledge and protect your girlfriend with incredible music power.
Play your favorite songs: Enjoy your Friday Night Funkin and make your girlfriend an unforgettable music party by playing your both favorite songs.
Become a music superstar: Use your skills to pass through different stages until you climb the top and become a music superstar.

GAME INSTRUCTION: Tap the funkin arrow keys on the screen and try to follow the rhythm, get the highest score in the music battle game and use your music talent to win the heart of your girlfriend!


Both Free Play and Story Mode with the level of difficulty that suits your ability
Play against any story characters in the game
Beat all enemies with your favorite songs
Play all tracks (full week) and unlock next week in Story Mode
New mods and features are updated frequently

Feel the rhythm and dance to the beat
Because it’s Friday night!

Funkin Music Battle user reviews :

Its good and amazing just 2 problems 1: why are they using wrong characters for the tracks? 2: Why every update does not make new tracks? Fix this please and make new tracks

Like the game idea but it does not show arrows on my screen I have Samsung Galaxy Tab s3 please fix the issue

The game seems lovely and fun to play. I was watching youtube then it was advertised to me . But i ate all my data TWICE and never opened . Like screw u . I mean zero stars if could , u should add that . But the looks interesting. U get a 5 star in the trap department

This game is great! But…. I have a few issues. Luckily nothing major but i would like these fixed. 1. The timing is always slightly off on the songs and it’s quite annoying but not super bad. 2. The price of songs is WAAAAY to high and it discourages me from playing the game as much =(. Though you can always work up to the price but It’s also very annoying =/. Again those are nothing major but it would be nice if they were fixed. Thank you

I knew I should play this offline because I had the senses that this was a poorly made cash grab. What’s worse is that the ad that got me here was a STOLEN ANIMATION. No credit given at all, just fnf songs with random mod characters. Shame on yall. I hope you get review-bombed.

I like the game its make challenging cause you need to earn coins to buy a new song but i just discourage about is the characters no problem about the dad character its nice though but the others characters is not the same as the song like at the original fnf theres a mother but in this game its whitty playing i hope you make like real fnf but other design of characters like the dad one

this game is good if it wasn’t for the really slow arrows and I think you can fix it cuz you’re the Creator and you made smooth animation for your character so I’m pretty sure you that for your arrows

It’s really bad because not even I like it. They are using the wrong characters for the songs and sometimes the song/I glitch. (depending on your connection or not etc..) They should fix this immediately because I don’t have to be writing a review but that’s fine because it’s going to be a short one. I would also recommend to turn of your connection if it’s bad or turn on airplane mode if you can/want. So now we got that settled, I’m going to say (I’m not trying to be rude.) I would rate a

Nice game but the reward u get is very low and the next track is very high cost. I had to play more than 30 to 40 times to get the next track. Please increase the reward then i may again download the game. Please see to it that u do so. Otherwise the game gets pretty boring…. to play the same track again and again and again…..

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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