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[Game] Full Moon Mafia

Full Moon MafiaYou’re on your way home, full moon lighting your way, when you’re suddenly attacked by a wolf-like creature leaving you with a nasty bite. But before it can cause any further damage, you’re saved by two handsome men, who also seem to be part wolf! You quickly recognize them as part of the local mob, the Bloodhounds.

Realizing the seriousness of your bite, they take you back to their boss, who tells you you’ve been marked by a leader of a rival gang. He offers you protection and help in exchange for using you as bait. Between all the turf wars, money disputes, and fangs, can you find love with a werewolf mobster… or will your mark turn you into a wolf instead?

Prepare for a dangerous affair in Full Moon Mafia!


Meet Hugh — The Boss

This cocky alpha’s bark is just as tough as his bite. After the former Don passed, not everyone agreed with Hugh’s placement as boss, which has led to the rise of a rival gang. He’s hard to read, and seems to keep you at arm’s length at first, but you get the feeling he’s hiding a softer side. Can you become a reliable member of the gang and win his heart?

Meet Carson — The Second-in-Command

Carson doesn’t say much—he prefers to let his gun do the talking. He wasn’t born a werewolf, but that doesn’t make him any less capable. He takes his role as Hugh’s right-hand man very seriously and will do anything to protect the gang and you. You wonder what exactly his story is… but can you get him comfortable enough to open up to you?

Meet Dennis — The Muscle

Though Dennis is revered as being one of the strongest in the gang, he’s got a real soft side, especially for you. He doesn’t want you to become a wolf like him and actually is a bit envious of those humans that get to live normal lives where he has to live a life of crime and violence. Can you show him that there’s more out there for him?

Meet Justin — The Rival Boss

Justin is a powerful gang leader and just so happens to be the wolf that marked you. Power and revenge are what he’s after, but his desire has formed into an obsession. He sends gifts to try and woo you, but it’s clear that no matter what you say, he’s not going to let you go. What is his reason for marking you specifically? Will you fight for the sake of your gang or betray them and submit to him instead?

Full Moon Mafia user reviews :

This is a very very cool game! This had me hooked from the first scenes, but the biggest catch is the points. I love the game, but it takes so long in the mini game to earn points (maybe add point value to each little thing on the board in the mini game?) And it takes so long to wait for the video option to get only 30 points. Not bad but not the best. Maybe we could add point values in the mini game?

Really liked the storyline, and the little plot twists it had, and the spicy parts the art was well done. The charaters were great 10/10 And I also liked that the mc was a fighter and not always a damsel in distress. I hope we can get more of that in the future, in the next games that might come up

You ppl barely make any game where the mc is cool and collected. But in this one, the mc was just perfect! All cool and collected. The storry was amazing revealing one mystery by one. The art work was nice the characters were good as well. Really liked it a lot. Hope u guys put this kinda mc in more of your games too. The endings were pleasuring as well. So obviously recommended. Please make another game like this but with vampires not wolf.

It’s really good I always got excited on the story and the rubies I could get them on having points at first I don’t know how to get more rubies but now I can and I’m not sure if it’s a role playing game or a story teller cause in choosing what I’ll say needs ruby and it’s really expensive and also I can only talk freely some times the game is just telling the story of the game and I don’t really play much and also I sometimes I can’t choose what I want to tell because of the expensive rubies

Very interesting! Finally another Independent, strong, kind, and tender MC who isn’t always waiting to be save by the love interest.. Goodness it took so ling to have this kind of MC again, the overall experience and game play is all the same the stories are the only one that’s been always complimented tbh, even so I don’t complain cuz I’m actually alright with the gameplay.

Amazing on another level culminating with a beautiful finish. Excellent clarity of melding between story, art, and music. Thank you. Love all of your writings, except not too much of a fan of demons. Appreciate all everyone’s hard work. Very beautiful

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