Korilakkuma Tower Defense – Set up your toy allies

[Game] Korilakkuma Tower Defense

Korilakkuma Tower DefenseIt’s time for Korilakkuma to be the hero!

Rilakkuma and friends become wind-up toys in their very own tower defense game!


It was a peaceful day in Korilakkuma’s land of toys…until the Kiiroitori Troop attacked! Now it’s up to the wind-up Korilakkuma Ranger to protect their world and fight for the good of all toykind!

Cute but solid tower defense
Set up your toy allies and protect your base from the Kiiroitori Troop! Use skills and level up to turn the tide of battle!

Collect toys to add to your collection
Rilakkuma and other familiar faces also appear in toy form. Can you collect them all?

Korilakkuma Tower Defense user reviews :

in my opinion, this is one of the cutest tower defense game ever! it’s also the most simple yet toe gripping (sorry lol) game all time. there’s just one thing that’s really concerned me is that the leveling system is really weird especially that you need to grind to level up ur acc and then level up characters. there’s a certain level where the enemy level was really high so u have a small chance to beat it and it’s really stressing me out ig. but that’s it! really recommend this game

After playing for free for this past week, i can honestly say it is very enjoyable! I managed to clear all worlds on normal difficulty, even though world 9 was very difficult, at the start i was afraid it wasnt gonna be hard or strategic enough but it is really nice. some levels ive had to reset like 10 times to get my 3 stars, always trying differenr teams and combos! the stamina is a pretty sad restriction and the progress has become a bit slower, but its still very fun.

Really loved it in the beginning but now I’m at a wall where it’s tough to move forward even when pulling with whatever diamonds I have. Not sure how I’ll move forward and if I can’t I’ll eventually uninstall. It’s that kinda game it seems :/ It was so cute and fun too. Disappointed a bit

The level of the hero’s go up extremely slow compared to the levels of the enemies. You have to constantly log in just to get some coins to upgrade your hero’s before you can continue with a level.

I love korilakkuma, so I had to try this out! It is a fun and cute tower defense game! It definitely gets challenging, but progression doesn’t feel grindy and as a f2p player, there are a lot of opportunities to get power ups and coins just by watching ads. 10/10!

Game is charming with a playful story. Tower defense levels have replay value due to being able to choose random power-ups in between waves. This game is also a gashapon game and will require a premium currency (diamonds) to aquire more toys. Only gripe is how slow it is to obtain diamonds for gashapon without paying real money. Otherwise, game is recommended for those who like strategy and cute characters.

Game is enjoyable and a great way to kill time. Progression is easy. Without investing anything, you can expect to clear all the current in-game content in a week or two. My only grievance with the game is that they are EXTREMELY stingy with diamonds used to purchase new toys.

Very cute and easy to understand! Love the art style and everything is too cute! Also good job not having random ads pop up every second, like other app games.

I love rilakkuma but man this game is kinda greedy in my opinion. Getting high tier toy is almost impossible since (1) obtaining gems takes a lot of time to grind, (2) beating levels as you progress is difficult so you can’t grind for gems, and (3) you need tons of happy meals or character token in order to buy a high tier toy.

Cute tower defense game. Requires a lot of resources to level up characters (toys), and very little are awarded per stage. Little resources to draw from gacha banners

This game is fun but I wish there are more ways to collect coins to level up the toys. The enemy toys are quite strong

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