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Futoshiki  If you were seduced by Sudoku, prepare for Futoshiki fever – The Guardian

Futoshiki may look straightforward, but the experienced puzzler knows not to be fooled by appearances.

Like Number Logic Puzzles like Sudoku, Kakuro, Hitori, Kenken? You will love Futoshiki

A simple and challenging puzzle game that will enhance your mental flexibility! With beautiful graphics and killer features, Futoshiki Free is the best brain-teaser puzzle for Mobile.


Two separate keypads, one for entries and one for notes, allow you to enter values quickly and easily. No more tedious switching between entry mode and note mode to complete your puzzle.


Six puzzle size, from 4×4 to 9×9, Four difficulty levels, from easy to extreme, ensure that you will be able to find a puzzle that matches your skill level. Top class puzzles with selectable level of difficulty. With 6,000 total puzzles, you won’t run out of puzzles any time soon.


You can now rank and compare Futoshiki scores against friends and other puzzle lovers.


The error checker tells you when you have entered an illogical value, allowing you to catch errors early and preventing needless frustration.


Thousands of puzzles in 4 different difficulty settings.
Six different puzzle size, from 4×4 to 9×9.
Game Center support for leaderboards.
Great statistics that help track your progress.

Futoshiki is a universal app, it works on Phones and Tablets seamlessly.
Futoshiki has graphics for Every display sizes. No blurry graphics. Everything is crystal clear. Download now to see it with your own eyes.

Futoshiki is a grid puzzle similar to Sudoku in that each column and row must contain exactly one instance of each number.
The only difference is that in between some squares there are less-than and greater-than symbols that act as clues.
At the beginning only some squares are revealed, the player must discover the rest.
Each puzzle has a unique solution and no guessing is required to discover it.
It is very popular in Japan, England, China, and several other countries.

Download Futoshiki for Free!

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Futoshiki user reviews :

It’s ok if you like it simple. All the hard levels and all the boards greater than 6×6 are locked, released only if you pay. When it’s only easy levels you can play then the ads get quite tiresome as they appear after every game. That’s pretty frequent when the puzzles are so trivial. You will make mistakes though. Not through logic errors, just because the two sets of numbers you use for entry are so close to each other that unless you have matchsticks for fingers the wrong numbers will be hit

Mostly good. Some of the puzzles are very challenging which is good. I would like a couple more hints when the levels are difficult and you get stuck. Also I think there are too many levels you have to pay for. Great game though, better if you pay for all the levels. Which I’m not. More free levels please!!!

Love the game. The hard fill buttons are too close to the pencil fill buttons. It is easy to hit the wrong one by mistake resulting in the error warning and point deduction. I’d suggest putting one at top of board and other below. Also the error highlights things too quickly (i.e. immediately).Better to let game flow and let players find errors as they go. I’d also like to see a “clear board” key as well as a backspace. I haven’t paid yet to open all levels and remove adds but probably will.

the game time is affected by advertising so the only way to get actual times is to pay for the ad free version. also a significant portion of the games are not available unless you upgrade!!
  • Kerem Baydogan
  • Thank you very much for your review. After your complaint, I have changed the advertisement timing. In version 2.6 the game time is not affected by advertising. For the next version, I am planning to add more levels for users who did not upgrade.

Great UI, crisp graphics. More than worth paying to remove ads if you like puzzle games. Allows you to opt out of personalized ads as well.

Fun game. Many difficult levels allow everyone to enjoy the game.

Nice app! Could do with auto deletion of notes and ability to place multiple notes at one time.

Excellent game play and so many puzzles it will keep me going for years.

Great for keeping yourself engaged while helping stave off boredom when you need a way to pass the time!
  • Kerem Baydogan
  • Thank you for the kind feedback, Diana! I am so glad you like it

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