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[Game] Futoshiki

Futoshiki  What is Futoshiki?

Futoshiki is a funny logic puzzle game from Japan. In this game you need to fill all cells with numbers. Some cells can be filled initially, the rest is filled by the player. The game is very similar to the game “Sudoku”, but it has a difference. On the playing field, in addition to numbers, there may also be signs (more, less). The sign between two cells means that one number is greater than the other.

A correctly filled square must satisfy the following three conditions:

1. The numbers in each line should not be repeated.
2. The numbers in each column should not be repeated.
3. If there are signs (arrows) on the field, then the condition must be met. (One number is smaller than the other).


In the program you can choose 6 difficulty levels (4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8 and 9×9). The larger the square, the more difficult it is to go through. If you play Futoshiki for the first time, we recommend that you start with a 4×4 square. At each level of complexity you will be offered 2000 unique game levels. The higher the number the more difficult. (Level 2000 is the most complex).

How to play?

To change the value of a cell – first select it, and then click on the numbers at the bottom of the screen to put a number in the cell. You can put several numbers in one cell at once, but the level is considered passed, when in each cell there is only one number. If you want to remove a number from the cell, select it and click the corresponding number in the bottom of the screen.

Futoshiki user reviews :

I am really enjoying this puzzle app. If you like Sudoku, but you have been just a bit bored with it, this is a fun, challenging change. I played the 4×4 until I learned the game and they became too easy, then I moved to 5×5, and up to keep me challenged. Very simple interface. I would be willing to pay, perhaps $2.99, for a timer and a way to compare progress with registered friends. I recommend this for logic puzzles lovers!

Plenty of levels. Would help to have button to put all numbers in square so you can eliminate that way.. Thank you so much for the improvements and having option to put all the numbers in when you start. It is nice to find a game where the creators read the reviews and act on them. 5 stars now!

It’s a fun game. There is no tutorial to improve your natural skills. On harder levels you might easily get stuck without any help or hints, not being able to move forward.

It’s pretty much similar to Sudoku but also has its own uniqueness. If you’re bored playing Sudoku then you can try out this cool game!!!

Fun and challenging, without being impossible. A good feature to add: ability to long-press on a number and have it highlight on the board.

Very enjoyable and challenging sudoku-like game. With all the levels, it is perfect to play less than a minute or several minutes

Good fun and easy to use. Good level of challenge – takes a while to solve the puzzles but not so long as to be boring

I love this game and the app! But could you include a dark theme? I play this game to fall asleep and it would definitely improve my life

Really great app. I think a dark mode would be great for this app.

Pretty cool way to keep your mind sharp, straight forward app.

Great game design and presentation execution

The new version is perfect. Thanks for that!

Nice game A button to let you know if you have errors would be helpful

Thoroughly addicted! The best part of this game is how simple, yet awesomely challenging it is. Some levels are stupid easy, then you’ll hit one that stumps you until you start guessing, but there’s always a way to figure it out. The second best part about this game is that there are NO intrusive ADS! For the first time after looking I saw a small banner on top. No big deal. This game is awesome. It’s the only game I’ll need for a long time! Also, there is a pencil. Just tap 2+ numbers.

Simple to use and a lot of puzzles to complete, lasting a lifetime and various sizes. It’s also conpletely free. I really appreciate this app.

Very promising and addicting but the random nature of the puzzles leaves a lot to be desired after so many. Higher number puzzles are far too much work for me, i max out at 8

I totally love futoshiki, because although I soon learned to reach the toughest at top level, there’s plenty of puzzles left to keep me mental exercising. However, a recent change in the app turned solid black numbers to outlined white ones & rendered it difficult to see at higher levels on 5″ phone screen. I need reading glasses, but this is ridiculous now unless on a full size laptop screen. Why did they have to ruin a truly brilliant app? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
  • Aliaksandr Uvarau
  • Thank you for your feedback, could you please send me screenshot of issue via email? Looks like it looks differently on different devices. If we will see the issue, we will be able to fix it. Thank you!

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