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Galaxy Arena Space BattleGalaxy Arena Space Battle is an addicting, space war strategy game.

Join us in this space odyssey & be part of the guards of galaxy who are protecting the starcitizens in this huge intergalactic space war.

Build your starship armada with dreadnoughts & other spaceships. Equip your armada with anti matter, engines & interstellar weapons to protect your space men & starcitizens in your frontier. Enjoy adjustable 3D view of the space war/ battle. Battle agains other players in ship vs ship idle combat.

Storyline: You are an interstellar Commander who lost your spaceship fleet in an ambush. Now with the help from your space men crew, you must rebuild your starship armada with various spacecrafts such as the dreadnoughts or smaller more flexible starships. Then you must equip each spaceships with various weapons & utilities such as anti matter, lasers, guns, and other weapons of choice. Battle against your enemies & build even more and bigger dreadnoughts & starships


Galaxy Arena Space Battle focuses on strategy instead of speed or action. You will learn how to best build spaceship fleet with the limited resources you have. Be the best guards of galaxy in the universe.

Collect as many coins as you win battles. Purchase unique spacecrafts such as the cruise starships or the fearsome dreadnoughts or flexible corvettes. Are you ready to join us in our space odyssey with your fearsome armada?

Build & customize each spaceship to help you win battles. Strategize of how you would like each spacecraft to function. Equip your spaceship for Close Range Stance, Medium Range Stance, or Long Range Stance.

Do you think you’re ready to take your starcitizens & starships to battle? Engage in battles to take down enemies & to collect coins. See if your strategy works and adjust your strategy accordingly. Protect your space frontier with your armada now!

After you launch the battle, we will create a realistic battle simulation so you can see how your newly built & equipped armada against enemies. You may get hit or the shots might miss. Intergalactic wars are very tough, but we are confident that you will prevail!

You can swipe to view the battles from any vantage point. Enjoy amazing interstellar space war after your hard work equipping your starship. Aside from our amazing graphic, you will also love the realistic SFX.

It’s not easy to produce effective anti matter weapons or intergalactic machine guns for your spacecraft. Research for new technology to get new types of anti matter weapons or intergalactic machine guns.

So, are you ready to be a guard of galaxy to protect your space men in your frontier? Ready to be part of this exciting space odyssey & adventure? Download & play Galaxy Arena Space Battles today!

If you require action combat or you simply want to play and idle game, you wont be disappointed.
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Galaxy Arena Space Battle user reviews :

I found myself playing this game all day long. It is very addictive. Love the graphics and the design, the gameflow is pretty clear and consistent as well. Space ships are beyond belief, they look sooo realistic with the 3D design, it is unbelievable. Doing some upgrades constantly and so far I have never been more satisfied with a strategy game like this!!!!

Game is honestly very good. However I think that the game needs a menu and a sandbox mode where you have access to everything ingame to set up battles, and I mean HUGE battles. Otherwise. Game is amazing. It’s also a bit tedious to battle, I think that you should be able to see ship names and classes in the prebattle menu.

  • Hello, Thank you very much for rating out game! We agree with you and the game is ongoing another major update which we think will improve you experience. New systems include a Level system (player vs bots), Mission system (bigger rewards and components), Leaderboard /Matchmaking and Challenge System to challenge your friends to a battle.

Fun, but you’re not able to play as often as you’d like. Waiting for energy is boring and for 5 games Max it’s annoying. Maybe make more use of the distance mechanic. A small story/PvE is an idea as well. One thing that is an issue is that the game is expensive, both in game and ptw. Not being able to grind as often makes it a bit drawn out but honestly the game has potential it feels

  • Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the related department.

Pretty good, but there are so many ways to cheat. If you control ships before the game starts, your ships will shoot the enemies even though the fight hasn’t started, and the enemies wont shoot back. Issue too is the warp drive makes fighters launch a second time,so my setup is just 3 ships with only fighters and warp drives. When I warp, more and more fighters spawn guaranteeing a win

  • Hello, Thank you for your time for the writers of this review. We have seen what the problem is, and our developers will correct the problem as soon as possible.

The ships can be personalized to the extent that you can build your own ship basically however you want. You can choose the cruiser’s shape, and contraction of the slots and eventually upgrade it. Just love that feature because this actually shows how much good strategy is needed to win the battle. Amazing!

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