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Game of Dice  What is ‘Game of Dice’?

Seize victory with unique strategies.
Use special Skills like “Push”, “Drag” and more.
Over 150 cards to create various strategies.
Takeover properties and increase tolls through strategic plays.
Bankrupt opponents to win!

Real-time matching & various modes
Play 1vs1 or 1vs1vs1 Single Matches for quick games.
Team up with a friend for 2vs2 Team Matches.

Amazing features like Guilds, real-time chatting and more
Join a guild and make new friends!
Participate in weekend Guild Matches for your Guild and get amazing rewards.
Exchange info and find teammates with real-time chatting.

GOD supports many languages including :
Supported languages: English / Japanese / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Korean



Customer Support
Please contact our customer support( for any inquiries or comments

Game of Dice requires network connection for real-time matching.
This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some in-game items. Please note that some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of the items.

Access Authorizations in JOYCITY Games

1. Access to Make and Manage Phone Calls
(When the game starts) It is essential to be able to identify the device for Guest Login (immediate start). Access to [Make and Manage Phone Calls] includes information to identify the device, and you will be unable to login to the game if you deny the access request.

2. Access to Contacts
(When logging into the game) It is essential to be able to identify the Google account registered in the device for Google Login. [Access to Contacts] includes information to read the Google account. You will be unable to login to the game if you deny the access request.

3. Access to Photos, Media, and Files
(When registering/editing profile) Access to [Photos, Media, and Files] saved in the device is required when you register/edit account profile image. Login and gameplay will not be affected even if you deny the access.

Phrases used in [ ] may differ based on the device and OS version

How to turn off app permissions

Android 6.0 and up
Device Settings > Applications > Tap the app > Permissions > Turn off app permissions

Under Android 6.0
It cannot turn off app permissions due to different operating system. Delete the app to turn off the permissions

Terms used in the guide could be different depending on the device and OS version.

Game of Dice user reviews :

Originally rated this game 4 stars. Changed because I lost the character I was grinding (my 6 star puppeter howl) got changed into yuki. Sure im salty but so far this game has been extremely p2w throughout my entire experience playing it. You can grind up until a certain point until you have to rely on rng ads to gain certain currency (topaz) to progress while you get curb stomped by whales with way better equipment. The tutorial basically teaches you nothing. He was my last reason to play this.
  • JOYCITY Corp.
  • Dear player, we are sorry that we could not meet your expectations. We will make sure to deliver your feedback to our developers team. If you have any further issues, please feel free to send it to us at Thank you.
I have been playing this game for years and I love it! I like the characters the different dice and just everything about it! Well maybe not everything there are two things I wish were in the game. The 1st being the opening cutscene instead of the comic, I miss the cutscene and I wish I could watch it. The 2nd thing being the upgrades for characters I do wish that I didn’t need an upgrade star to keep the character, but I still love the game nonetheless
  • JOYCITY Corp.
  • Thank you for your wonderful review, we really appreciate your support for Game of Dice! Have a great day! Let’s roll dice all together!
New to the game. Spent 0 bux. I spend more time collecting rewards than playing. Watch vids well worth the 30secs. Boards could be bigger. Will change stars later if needed. Really fun so far.
  • JOYCITY Corp.
  • Thank you for your wonderful review, we really appreciate your support for Game of Dice! Have a great day! Let’s roll dice all together!
Constant disconnection. Love the game but wverytime I get recieve any reward it says I’m disconnected and I have to relaunch game. This did not happen until after the recent update.
  • JOYCITY Corp.
  • Hello! We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Kindly send the details of your issue to and our Support team will assist you.
I love this game but after the patch it has become unplayable. It keeps telling me I lost connection when I have full bars and none of my other apps are giving me a problem. Please fix
  • JOYCITY Corp.
  • Hello! We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We advise you to do the following: 1. Clear cache (Settings > Apps > Game of Dice > Clear Cache). 2. Check for the most updated version. 3. Check for a stable connection. 4. Restart phone. 5. Reinstall the game. Please ensure your game data is linked avoid data loss. Thank you.

Latest Update :

The School Bell’s Ringing~ ‘NEW Map: Genius Private School’
Team Match Added to Singles Match! ‘NEW Content: Team Tag Match’
Find the Tempered Glass! ‘NEW Content: Glass Bridge’
‘100 Free Draw Tickets’ for New Duelists!

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Video :

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