Super Bit Dash – Relive the classic arcade gaming

[Game] Super Bit Dash

Super Bit DashSuper Bit Dash is the best free retro game on google play!

Dashing and jumping action game with intuitive touch controls for all gamers! Relive the classic arcade gaming!

Remember playing your arcade console in the old days? Yeah it’s kind of like that! :)





8-bit inspired art –
Intuitive Touch controls
Old School platforming action using swipes and taps – no clunky virtual d-pads.
8 bit inspired soundtrack
Unlock quirky characters and powerups
Optimized for the Google Nexus7 and other tablets!
Google Play Services achievements and leaderboards


Best Free Retro Game on Android


Super Bit Dash user reviews :

Fast, entertaining, and nostalgic.

Really fun and not that many ads

playing this since 2013, gives me good memories

Great game. Fun and original gameplay/physics. Difficulty levels are distinct and add to already great replayability.

Good game but I think it would be even better if there we’re challenges in the game to make more money and to make it more fun. (Should put it on the next update).

Well I’m 600,000+ coins in now, so I figured it was about time to put in a review. It’s a great game to listen to music to and try and beat your high score. Thanks for this game that I’ve wasted countless hours on… 5 stars.

Could be a bit faster, but seeing the control scheme I can understand why it goes at the pace that it does.

I realy like it but I wish there was a health system. Add and will give 5 stars

Great game that doesn’t take up much space

But it needs more characters but anyway great game

But can you add a power up every hero and hotspot vs

Please update it with more characters modes and power ups

It’s cool but maybe it needs mobs and more playmodes. It hasn’t changed alot. It needs more powerups ofc. And it needs more lvs like campaigning mode maybe. Still very coool

I loved this game, but after the most recent update, it keeps crashing.

Interesting, but I could not get the hang of the controls.

Every time I open the app it gives me a message saying that the app stopped

I install and delete apps a lot. I play it a bit, get bored, and delete it to make room for something else. This game has not been victim to that. It’s so fun and varied that I’ve kept it longer than any app. Quit reading the reviews and download it already.

its very cool to play becuase you dont need any controll and all you need is to swipe

I usually just scroll games just to see games I like and then uninstall them but I kept this game for about a month now

The gameplay is good and fun to play need more character

I love this game its fun,still waiting for coming soon stuff u guys have been saying that for months

The music and the pixel graphics remind you of Nintendo. The gameplay is smooth. Game is engaging and you will end up playing for hours.

Gameplay is challenging yet smooth, can’t wait for the update. And needs SFX for dashing and jumping

But the only thing that bugs me, is that i cannot see the achievements but i can receive them

It is addicting and fun; though sometimes I can’t jump, and someone please continue the completion of the game because it keeps saying “To be continued.” but nothing else ever happens or appears.

In an older version they had an “unlimited magnet” power up. Magnets are now no longer worth it; its a cheap tactic to make people pay in the store for coins.

This game reminds me my childhood such a cool video game

I love this game. I’m really in to running games and stuff reallly cool

This is my favorite time waister I highly recommend it

the gameplay is smoth the pixel them is relly cool cant wait for more updates

It’s fun to play when I’m bored and I like playing it but it always has an update screen that you can’t quit and it sometimes just leads to the Google play store and doesn’t go back unless I reset my phone. If you download this game you should have lots of patience

A very good and well done game, but I think it would be one of he best games of 2014 if it had defined levels. For example it could start in level 1.1 and end in level 10.4.

This game is amazing, I love the flow of it, the suspense and everything else about it. One thing that I will make me love this even more, and possibly make it more famous is to add more things to the store.

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