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Game of Thrones Conquest  Game of Thrones Conquest is a combat strategy game based on HBO’s award-winning series.

As head of your new House, amass the might and resources necessary to achieve glory.

Navigate the dangerous political landscape of Westeros, forge strategic alliances, and outmaneuver rival threats.

Capture iconic Seats of Power and set your sights on the Iron Throne itself To master Game of Thrones: Conquest™, you must FIGHT FOR THE CROWN!

New Features
Allegiances now have two different chat options! Chat with your Liege and fellow Bannermen in one room. Chat with your own Bannermen in another.
Allegiance Leaderboards are now available! Allegiances are now ranked by the number and power of the Seats of Power they control. View this leaderboard on the Kingdom Map.
 Scouting now works as intended
 Multiple bug fixes, performance updates, and balance changes

User reviews :

There’s some big issues with the game, loading takes forever and often numerous tries. The hero page doesn’t load properly. When you make a purchase you don’t always get everything you paid for.when you do research i often have to pay twice before it will start. I have lost millions of resources and alot of gold due to this issue. I have spent alot of money playing this game and to be honest it’s not worth it.people are buying multiple well established accounts and new people don’t stand a chan
  • Warner Bros. International Enterprises
  • Thank you for your feedback, shannon silver. Please try the suggestions here: If you still need help, use the “Ask for Help” link on that page or the “Contact” button in the Options menu in-game and our support staff will be happy to assist!

I love playing GOT:C. I didnt give it 5 stars because it is an expensive game to play. You’ll always be at a disadvantage if you dont invest hundreds or thousands of $$. My other issue is when a lot of people are playing the game has problems. Your screen can freeze or your screen lags. Network issues. The equipment needs to be better organized. I would like to see the various pieces of armour id’d on the “equipment” screen so you can use pieces for upgrades that you’ve outgrown.

Update aug 27: game will not load, lags longer than usual, when loaded, it freezes. update 1: last patch fixed these errors. but now, it will not accept payments. since this last update, the game is laggy, loot from kills do not appear in messages, loot is not received, resources are used, but activity has not commenced, messages do not always load, images of marches stay in kill position, have to reload app several times because of freezing. I refuse to drop another dime until this gets fixed.
Warner Bros. International Enterprises

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues playing Game of Thrones, Cynthia. Please try the suggestions here: If you still need help, use the “Ask for Help” link on that page or the “Contact” button in the Options menu in-game and our support staff will be happy to assist!

The community is amazing and I love playing with other people. The basis of the game is fun, fighting for various seats of power against other players and leveling up to fight Pvp is always enjoyable, plus events, crafting, and research. However, you can’t grow to be a big player without spending excessive amounts of money on packs. Then to top it all off the glitches are ridiculous and when you lose everything due to one they don’t give you enough to rebuild, causing a need to buy more packs.

I really like it, and the visuals are great! Especially the pawns on the map. But, the lag is pretty bad at times. Also there’s a few bugs where I can’t go into certain menus and the buttons don’t work. I have to exit completely out of the game, clear the window and reload it to get the buttons working again.

I love this game, but I do wish that there was some sort of guide on exactly how to do everything in the game. I’m new to games like this and it sure would be helpful. *I’ve been playing this game for over a month now and I’m addicted. I still wish there was a step by step how to guide, but I’ve figured out a lot on my own so far. **I love the new update!!! There’s snow everywhere! Winter is coming!!!

I’m addicted. It’s expensive, but worth it. The game play is fantastic and the community of players are great! Especially when they’re trying to rob all of your resources! What a fantastic group of guys and gals!

It’s pretty fun so far update: so it def costs you money to earn power in the game. you can’t combat the players stronger than you. it was buggy with notifications and i got zero’d twice because of it. I put in a ticket, and the response was to give me gold, which wasn’t even close to what I had lost in troops. the game has potential, but not woth the current bugs. customer service is nice on here in the app store, but if something happens don’t expect them to respond to your tickets for a few days or weeks. They need some kinda immediate help chat or something, forums aren’t always instant.
  • Warner Bros. International Enterprises
  • Hi Brian! We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying the game! If you need help with anything game related please reach out to our support team using Settings – Customer Support or “Ask for Help” at! Thanks for playing Game of Thrones Conquest!
Latest Update :

Join GoT:C and walk in the footsteps of Jon Snow: As the Crow Flies!

Craft a regal new gear set, the Northern Noble!
Recruit new hero Ghost, a Loyal Companion!
Face off against this month’s enemy, the Night’s Watch Trainees!

Thanks for supporting Game of Thrones: Conquest!

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