Hades Star – You will create ships to expand and protect your interests

[Game] Hades Star

Hades StarHades Star is a unique space strategy game where thousands of players participate in one shared galaxy.


The first Scout ships we sent into the newly discovered Hades Galaxy confirmed what our greediest Corporations were hoping for: A new world filled with rich star systems and rare resources. Subsequent reports of hostile environments, unstable stars, and a mysterious indigenous race were quickly dismissed. Massive Colonization missions were put in place in record time. Already, thousands of fleets have arrived into the new Galaxy and set outposts on various planets. New ones arrive daily.

As the owner of a humble fleet arriving at the outskirts of the Hades Galaxy, you will work to colonize planets, collect valuable resources, build space stations, grow your economy and solidify your presence in dangerous star systems. You will create ships to expand and protect your interests against the aggressive race guarding this galaxy. You will have the option to join your efforts with other players to form Corporations. With time, you’ll come to grow your influence in the political landscape formed by thousands of other human players.


Explore your own, vast star system and face the mysterious Cerberus forces
Colonize numerous planets and watch them grow from lifeless rocks to central hubs of activity
Establish diplomatic relations with other players and dictate your terms for military, mining and trade cooperation
Build combat, mining and trade ships and customize them with powerful modules
Meet other players and complete time-limited objectives near Red Stars that are going Supernova
Organize with other players in Corporations
Play at your own pace: Nobody will unfairly steal your resources while you are offline


If you have any problem in the game, please contact us at support@hadesstar.com, or use the in-game “Contact Support” option.





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Hades Star user reviews :

A engaging and well made game. The only problem I have with it is that it takes a really long time to level up and get new technologies and ships and modules. Sometimes seems like it’s a routine, nothing new happens and you do the same thing every day inside the game, but I’m not here to argue about the mechanics. Overall it deserves 4 – 4.5 stars

It’s definitely not single-player. It’s extremely grindy and after you finish the tutorial… It doesn’t explain anything else at all. Definitely a nice concept, but way too boring. Shipments should be automatic from the start. But clearly ‘you don’t have the technology’….. Also…. Prices are definitely not adapted for poor countries. Like everything else on this trash platform nowadays unfortunately. I do like the game concept tho, just wish it was more exploration and less wait

This is a great game. Very strategic and great visual effects. And wait time is medium to long that makes it less addictive. I would have given it a 5/5 but there is one bug. Everything else in the game can be upgraded except the research station. Artifacts take tons of time to get researched. This is genuinely a pain. Either let us build more research stat or let us upgrade them. Hope that the devs see this review and make the necessary changes.

I’m not usually one for mobile games. I have however taken a liking to this one. Probably because I love SciFi. There are microtransactions (which I hate as a thing in general) you don’t need them to advance as long as you have a little patience. The time to complete things scale nicely. Being able to earn credits faster would be nice, but overall it’s a great little time killer that I’m thoroughly enjoying.

I’ve updated my review to 5 stars. I’ve been playing for a few months and can honestly say that it’s a truly wonderful mobile game. It doesn’t demand hours upon hours of your time to be competitive. The F2P model is balanced well in my opinion. There is no need to spend up big (or at all) in order to enjoy the full features. Most importantly the devs are passionate about the player experience.

Changing my review. This game is great. I liked it before, I love it now. You play at your own pace, you don’t have to worry about being plundered… It seems like most elements are optional. You could play it as a single player, or be as social as you want. This game deserves attention, and the developers deserve to be rewarded for their efforts, but they don’t make it mandatory! I’ve made a couple of IAPs just to support the devs. Play this game. Tell your friends. Support developers that make games like this, they’re doing the right thing.

Latest Update :

Fixed bug in White Star Time Machine where certain visual effects would not show up.

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