Gangster City – Put an end to this huge crime wave

[Game] Gangster City

Gangster City  This city is being completely overwhelmed by crime!

There’s gangsters everywhere, and the locals no longer feel safe, even in their own neighborhoods! Now it’s up to one cop to put an end to this huge crime wave.

Go on a mission as a hero in the 3D open world. Make your mark as in the city. You’ll be going up against a small army of relentless gangsters and each one won’t hesitate to mow you down with their guns. Fortunately, you can drive any of the vehicles that you encounter. Jump into a taxi cab or a tank.There’s also lots of cash and tons of cool weapons that you can collect while you show all these vicious criminals who’s boss.

Keep an eye out for mystery boxes while you fight to complete your mission. They contain everything from bundles of dollar bills to pistols and powerful shotguns. If you get hit by a few bullets and your health is running low, grab some painkillers. They’ll heal you up and get you right back into the action. You can use all that cash to buy cool weapons and tools. Upgrade your firepower with a machine gun or a bazooka. Attack your enemies from the sky with a jetpack, or invest in a lucky rabbit’s foot. After all, you’re going to need all the luck you can get in this exciting 3D shooting game.

Join The Gangster City in many action packed missions in his never-ending quest to defeat his arch-nemesis The BigBoss.


Cool and long lasting more than 30 missions.
You can steal any vehicle you wish – auto, cars, tanks, helicopter, jet pack.
Multiple weapons
A shop with awesome features like GodMode, Golden Gun and a Jetpack!!
Lots and lots of explosions!

Take your revenge on the mafia guys in your city. You will straighten them out with shotgun!

Gangster City user reviews :

Best game ever ,i had reached the last level ,its hard but its so amazing battle between my avater and the bad boss ,trust me ,you wont believe it when you play it….so install it now ..and best of luck in your journey …

Its interesting gameplay..hunting down enemies..Nice controls..gameplay is faster..its very easy to point enemies and this makes me very easier to kill enemies..i had finished all missions within two days..please create more missions luv to play more .

Its a very nice and cool game nice to pass time with and very easy to play but ther only problem is that when u finish the game there will not give u money but the game is cool

So awesome games too many missons but please make more missons last mission is kill big boss which is too hard but i have doen that mission thanks devloper for making this best game

Loved this game and I am addicted to this game very interesting 3d effects and love to play for the longer duration thanks to the developer for this interesting game

It is awesome game for a mobile but controls for driving the car are not so good. But

Feel bad when they say the end. Really loved your game. Keep it up developer

I enjoy this game very much but please fix controls

Very very expressive and beautiful game with great enjoyment

The game is awesome but the one major problem is in this game is in one mission we have to destroy 3 jets and there are enemies also and we we try to destroy the jet only one jet is destroyed the other two are not destroying at all. Plzzz fix this problem next update.

Actually, the game is good, but there are no peoples and cars going on the road in the city. That’s the problem. I mean, it feel bord… Yes it is… No people, cars, etc… Of course the game is good, but… No…..s.

This game Is nice played this game first time when one ad has come this was the best game I have played ever I love to play like this game there are some levels to be hard and there should be more hard levels so that we when we are playing we also and there should be new guns like some levels are so easy that in one shot they are finished and some level they are very hard we have to play two or three days to complete it this is the nice game I have ever played there should be multiplayer option

Its awesome ……!!! But I cant store my game data on google’s play games application. so its upset full to get last time played data when you delet and reinstalls this game otherwise… I loved it

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The game has been temporarily removed from the google play store

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