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[Game] Dentures and Demons 2

Dentures and Demons 2WARNING:

This game contains strong language, sarcasm, bad humor and childish jokes.
Please check out the content and age rating, because this game is not for children, moralists, or Karens!

Game description:

Weird things happen in Varedze… …But not as weird as what is happening in your city.

Come on, why are you still reading this stuff? Hit download and enjoy the adventure!

In-app purchase:

This game is free, but you can purchase the extra contents to support my work.
By purchasing the extra contents you will get:

Ads removal
A lot of additional skins for your character
An additional chapter playing with Junior, Tony, Tommy and Timmy
A shooter mini-game in the Paintball Saloon
The opportunity to contribute to the next Sui Arts adventure game

Dentures and Demons 2 user reviews :

This game is just beyond epic. You get your own character but have limited options for free. No problem with that, I am happy with the free part. Also sometimes when I open the game for after long time, we get several other screens with character saying different things and that’s awesome. The humor is good, i am on second chapter for now. I just love Sui Arts for the creative ideas. And everyone who was behind this fantastic game.
  • Sui Arts
  • Have fun my friend
I was so excited when you said you were working on a sequel. These past 3 months have been the hardest, but this game has helped me to smile and forget everything . With just my type of humor, favorite genre, uniqueness and personal engagement, this, along with D&D 1, are the best games of them all. You forver have my support, Mr. Sui. I can’t wait to show my support as you move on to bigger projects With love, your #1 fan (hope these get converted to console one day!)
  • Sui Arts
  • Thank you so much Sophia, and don’t worry for the past, the future is bright
So far I’ve only dobethe first chapter, but with this alone I can see just how much time is in it. I love the jokes and the bunch of mysteries about the story. Also keeping with the first games plot really makes this seem to flow much more, verses some games that just drop you in with no explanations. Just as I said for your first game, I love em and will support your great work. I’ve also got the extra content and can’t wait to try em out! Keep up the good work!
  • Sui Arts
  • Thank you very much for your support my friend! I promise I’ll give you always better games. Have fun
Truly a masterpiece The story, music, graphics and characters are well done :D I enjoyed all of the riddles, especially the ones when you had to move your phone – so creative :) I am super impressed too – you created this game all by yourself and gave it to us for free ( r u a J.C. maybe?). I hope that you and your games will get more attention and fame in the future :D Now we are waiting for more creations from you :) imma leave some food for your wife:
  • Sui Arts
  • Thank you Julia, I’m glad you had fun
This game is like the 1st game but better! You finally get your own character and you see characters from the 1st game as well. I guess that’s expected since it’s the sequel but I like that it continues the story. I love that my character can run now. Anyways great game! If you don’t like cuss words don’t download this game btw. :) (I’m going to buy the game tomorrow. Try to make sure your wife doesn’t starve to death.)
  • Sui Arts
  • Have fun
Just like expected the game is awesome! Like the humor of the dev even tho he got me with some twist so sad i cant purchase the other mini games i feel dev forcing me to buy extras by blocking the buttons waiting for the part 3 dont think about the earnings its just a money just provide us with these quality games, its your passion passion is permanent, money is not
  • Sui Arts
  • Hi buddy, that’s a bug. I’ll fix it

I am yet to complete even the first act but i can definitely say it has improved over the first part and took it to new level. Thank you for your hard work. Update: just like DD1 purchased the extra for DD2. This kind of game should get all the support from the players. It’s very hard to find quality games at reasonable price this days.

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Video :

dentures and demons chapter 3 bells :

dentures and demons chapter 5 :

dentures and demons chapter 6 :

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