Garden Fruit Legend – Unique concept to challenge you

[Game] Garden Fruit Legend

Garden Fruit LegendGarden Fruit Legend : Collect kittens, bees and bunnies to pass the levels.

Try to get all stars in each level to beat leader board and walk through more than 300 levels in this completely new hit puzzle adventure. Coming in! Adventures await you from the moment you walk into the door! You’ll be addicted from the very first hit!

Game Features:

360 sophisticated strategic levels with a unique concept to challenge you
Swap 3 or more of the same fruits to make the farm land bloom into spectacular colors
In-app purchases to acquire extra moves and lives to complete the difficult levels
Eye catching farm graphics and simulations that inspire your fruit journey
Gather more crops to make a super power blast
Unique barriers: Flower, Wooden Box, Ice Cube, Honey, etc.

Get it for FREE and start your adventure with new challenges before NOW!!

Garden Fruit Legend user reviews :

OK those of you that have gone past the black squares games. What’s up with #22? how the heck do you play these games? the game was fun till I came up to #22. I thought my game wasn’t working. Then if you want to pass on these you have to use 1600 coins and you have to buy the coins. NO THANKS!!!

the game is fun but really must you interrupt in the middle of game play with a ad could you not wait until I finish the level to play the ad uninstalling tired of these games with so many ads .

A lot of fun! Although sometimes the game freezes on certain ads and I have to exit the game and reload it.

started off easy but then i love the fact that u have to use your brain more , as u go higher.

very enjoyable. i play this game at least once a day!!!

I was disappointed that the rainbow blossoms all exploded and I didn’t get any coins due to that fact

I enjoy the app very intresting. I only wish it could go beyond stage 880 soon as they keep on saying “coming soon”

level 91 too hard to pass..keep all your coins and goodies as long as u can…deleting fun while it lasted

this game is so exciting.. I love when she Jump’s up and down when you win.

The game is good and exciting. it keep you busy when there is nothing to do. help open your mind and think critically before making a decision.

It’s better than what I thought it would be. Very relaxing but makes you use your brain!!!!

i feel bad when i lost chance, to play more. and i have to wait the next day.

Love this app just like my favorite candy smash mania. Perfect! The only difference is the butterfly.

This is a FUN way to sharpen your strategy skills!

Graphics are great super fun game just need to get the tap to clear scoring option on game then it is a 10 *

keeps my mind busy. beautiful colors. I enjoy it very much

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