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[Game] How to Get Espers

How to Get EspersA chase after we first meet and a huge brawl in the middle of our date…..
Get to the point.
Someone asked me to teach them with my body.
…Can you explain the middle part a little?

Even though Murphy can even see things that move at the speed of light, they look like an ordinary person so they can’t even use their powers. Murphy gets caught up in some strange events and meets some even stranger espers….

How can I get it?

What…. is “it” that they’ll get?

Superpower action visual novel, a story game
‘s main theme is “seeing” so we maximized the visual aspects of the game, which gives you an action-packed experience that the text-based games genre has never seen before. The main character struggles between their desires and limitations and grows by learning from and building relationships with diverse people. Dive into Buff Studio’s new superpower action visual novel story game now!

About the game
A graphic novel style visual novel game
Easy to play – just choose from one of the options
Play based on a familiar chat-style UI
Dynamic production offers an even more immersive and action-packed experience
Produced to maximizes the theme of “seeing”
The player’s choices determine the story and ending
Find out more about the supporting characters through the side stories

How to Get Espers is for you!
If you liked “7 Days”, “Underworld Office”, “Charlie in Underworld”, “Not Exactly a Hero”, you’ll love “How to Get Espers!”
For players who love story games, indie games, and easy games
For players who love text-based games like light novels or visual novels
Recommended for players who love visual novels games, adventure games, and chat-based games
Recommended for players who love fantasy stories or light novels
Recommended for players who love free games, indie games, and relaxing games
Recommended for players who love light novels, mysteries, novel games, and chatting games
Top game for players who are tired of the average story game
Recommended for players who love unique indie games like Undertale

How to Get Espers user reviews :

Awesome game! I love all the characters, and the story is fleshed out well. The only thing I don’t like is that instead of the ticket system of the other games, where purchasing was not necessary, this game requires WAY more tickets, so even though you can get a small amount through adds, you have to get the rest with other methods or else you can’t get any endings besides the normal one. besides that, it’s another great game from buffstudios!

I like this game. I really do. The story is great and pretty easy to get into, but after playing for three days, I’ve noticed ~3 things. 1. Typos. No secret, they happen pretty often, but it doesn’t have an effect on the overall understanding. 2. Ticket system. You don’t need tickets for every choice, but they get more expensive and harder to sustain as the game goes on. 3. Loading screen. I can see others have been having issues with this as well, but I didn’t have any problems until yesterday.

Based on initial impressions, the characters in this aren’t as well designed or like-able as in other games like Underworld Office or Not Exactly a Hero. Furthermore, unlike these games, I feel like I can’t tell what direction the story is headed or what the overarching themes arw within the first chapter. Finally, the pay to play aspects of this game are worse than they have been previously, and the fact that you can’t save your progress to try out different decisions makes this game less fun.

Adventure story with paywalled dialogue options I was preregistered to download this game? Anyway, story looks engaging. The style took about 10 minutes to get used to and then was on a groove. And that’s when it appears. Dialog choices that cost “tickets” which cost virtual currency which cost real money. Oh but you can earn small amounts of tickets and gems that wouldn’t even cover one line via blah blah blah don’t waste my time. Uninstalled. Total play time 20 minutes.

This is a great experience, but I’d definitely appreciate a notice about the game being online, with others in the series (Underworld Office!) being able to play offline. Tickets are a bit more costly too, with the timer being immediately set to 4 minutes, though it’s easy to wait out. They’re definitely aiming for more money this round, but I appreciate the newer visual novel look before the fade in to texts. Overall, still solid experience!

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