Magical Witch Bell – Magical mishaps have been happening all over town

[Game] Magical Witch Bell

Magical Witch BellA magical witch named Bell lives in a small non-magical town, where she spends her days fixing trinkets and creating gadgets.

She’s the only magic user here, but for some reason, magical mishaps have been happening all over town…

Help Bell find out who’s behind all the weird occurrences around town!

Magical Witch Bell is a short visual novel (~30 minutes) with one main ending and extra end cards that change depending on your choices throughout.

Magical Witch Bell user reviews :

Well, the game was pretty straightforward and it was pretty easy to guess the culprit, but I have been playing complicated VN’s for a while now, so a VN so simple was a breath of fresh air for me. The characters were pretty funny and I really loved the hand drawn artstyle. My only issue is that the characters barely give any expressions except Olive, tho Bell is straightforward so it’s fine for her but not for the others imo. Anyways, amazing game and I hope u keep creating more

I thought there would be some actions in the game but all the characters did was talking and i got bored, when i choose an option the other options could still be chosen too which makes me not actually caring about whatever option I’m choosing maybe you could add an specific right option and if someone chose wrong they got the right answer but it’s kinda shorten/ not so explained. Anyway that’s my opinion but the characters themselves are so well drowned and cute also the background music

I really like this It’s a game I have just been looking for since yesterday lol. Steady pace and cozy. Also, people commented it lacks interaction but not everything has to be interactive. Especially me, I wanted something that I can play in one go, no distractions (farming etc) so I can immerse myself in the story. It’s nice too that it’s short because I wouldn’t be able to engage for too long in this since it was a novel game lol. Overall, it’s a great game w great characters

I really liked this game! However I would have preferred it had some type of skill/interactive side to it, such as in her games; A TAVERN FOR TEA, and A HERO AND A GARDEN, other than having gameplay from which you mainly just watched as the story played out. Although, I did that like the fact that this was a choice game! I would definitely recommend if you’re looking for something which doesn’t require a lot of effort, and allows you to have a chill and relaxing experience when playing the game!

It’s nice, this is the third game from this creator that I played. Truthfully speaking, it’s a bit bland. The ending is already set, and there isn’t anything to do, other than clicking choices. What I choose didn’t really matter, as the story still progresses the same. I prefer your other games like “A tavern for tea” and “A hero and a garden” where I’m actually doing something rather than seeing the story play out by itself. But oh well, its okay in my opinion.

I hate giving less than 4 stars for any VN. The art is SO CUTE. But why have choices in a game where choices arent going to matter? Or when a choice seems like it’s going to matter such as asking if I should forgive a character and I choose no (hoping it would lead to a different end) the game says nope. Your forced to choose choose the option the story wants. that’s bad game design. I have to give this incredibly cute game a 3 star review and I really dont want too. The story is cute.

This was a cute game! And it’s short enough you can finish it in one sitting. It’s basically a visual novel with a slight hint of a mystery – nothing you can’t solve yourself. It lacked that contemplative mood (for lack of a better word) which the developer’s other games have, but it’s still a game I enjoyed playing.

It takes about 30 minutes to complete this game depending on how fast you can read, it’s like a story book but with different options, I would give it 5 stars but it’s not my kind of game but I loved the artwork and story

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