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GGGGGSupported Devices

Supported Environments (prioritizing speed): Google Pixel 4, RAM 6GB or higher, CPU Snapdragon 855 or later,

Android 7.0 or later
Recommended environments: Xperia 5 II, RAM 8GB or more higher, CPU Snapdragon 888 or later, Android 7.0 or later

*This app may not operate on devices other than those with the recommended environment, or immediately after an OS version update.

*Actions on some screens may become slow on devices with speed priority settings.

Let’s GGGGGO!!!
Simple-to-play co-op competitive action!

The basic controls are just move, attack, and special move in this simple-to-control action game!
Compete with up to 99 other players in 100-Player Battle Royale!
Cooperative play brings the heat! Join a team of up to 4 players to duke it out in Battle Royale! You can also take on the Dungeon Run!

Compete with other players for trophies, or tackle dungeons at your own pace, leveling up your character and equipment as you go. Have a blast with your friends doing whatever you want. Vicious monsters and other players from around the world are waiting for you!

Basic Controls
Swipe to move, tap to attack, and tap-and-hold to perform a special move.
Anyone can jump right into the action with these simple controls!

A Variety of Battle Modes
100-Player Battle Royale (Solo/Duo/Squad)
A PvP battle with up to 100 players where you fight to be the final survivor.
Destroy blocks and collect power up items to defeat your opponents and be the last one standing.

Battle Royale (Solo/Duo/Squad)
Eight-player PvP battles.
Play to the strengths of your class and work together with your allies to triumph inside the confines of the playing field.

Dungeon Run (Solo/Squad)
Play alone or team up with other players in this PvE mode.
Defeat monsters and protect the princess as you make your way deeper into the dungeon and battle powerful bosses.
Conquer Dungeon Runs to upgrade your weapon to the max!

Private Match (Solo/Squad)
Share your Room ID to enjoy Battle Royales with family and friends!

Even more content is planned to be added over time!

Distinctive Character Classes
Fighter: A good balance of attack power and HP.
Knight: High HP and capable of defending themselves and others against enemy attacks.
Priest: Acts as support by healing themselves and others.
Wizard: Boasts extremely high attack power and can strike a wide area.
Archer: Excels at attacking from a distance.
Thief: Runs circles around the enemy at high speed, all while stealing items.

Even more content is planned to be added over time!

A Range of Skins to Transform Your Appearance
Heroes, hunters, national costumes, turtles, and more…
The combinations are endless!
Use your favorite skins to stand out on the battlefield!

Aim for the Top Spot in the World Rankings!
Secure trophies in Battle Royale to earn your place as #1 in the world!

GGGGG user reviews :

It’s an ok game. The devs and artists did a good job. But what made me uninstall the game was the fact that, while the ads are optional, you need to watch them to get many of your rewards. And to watch them you have to agree to data collection, and that’s a big no for me. I don’t like it when the words “free” and “reward” are used loosely. It’s deceiving. And I don’t like when players are getting handicaps for not agreeing to let you collect their data, so I’ll have to skip this one.

Was super excited to play. However, after the update, I’m unable to get past the character section. Some characters are unable to be selected at all, and the ones that can be, get an error code after choosing them. Edit: deleting and reinstalling the game fixed the issue

Gameplay is fine, gacha rates are typical, but I’ve been stuck in a login loop for three days. “A security update broke login on some devices” screams “it was insecure and this change exposed us.” Not sure I’ll change the rating even if it’s updated. Not a bad way to kill time… if you can log in at all.

Wow, I’m actually thoroughly impressed with this game! The tutorial was simple and to the point. There’s plenty of modes to choose from. Reasonable amount of ads to watch for items/coins. The mechanics are well put together but does take some used to getting compared to similar style games in combat. I’ve been having a blast with this absolute gggggem of a game

Can’t even get through the loading screen takes so long to get through I got to keep on opening and reopening the games or to get through it. Through the even progress through the tutorial because it froze I feel like these are kind of bugs that are happening every time you go in the game

After the recent update, I’m glad to say I waited. Multiply modes, solo and PvP, doesn’t bombard you with ads, it has built in difficulty, the music is cute and the characters adorable.

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