Ghost Files 2 – Before the sun even reached noon

[Game] Ghost Files 2


The life of a private detective is tough and no one knows it better than Arthur Christie – an ex-cop, effective and tough as a nail. This time he will face an investigation in which not only truth is at stake, but also his life.


They say a good story begins with an earthquake and works its way up to a climax.

The story of Arthur Christie begins with a painful wake up in a dark basement with an unknown murder victim and memory gaps larger than bullet holes. A moment later the building is surrounded by howling police sirens. And all this before the sun even reached noon.

The day began lousy and chances for improvement are slim – so now he has to start his own investigation and prove his innocence. For this detective Christie will need to recreate his lost memories and immerse himself in the dark reality of a serial killer called The Executioner.

Who can you trust when the police are tailing you and following the evidence only raises further questions? What kind of important information has been forgotten? Who’s face is it behind the Executioner’s mask?

Play as Arthur Christie – a hard-boiled detective!
Use your wits and deduction to solve over 20 puzzles!
Avoid police pursuit without losing the trail of the Executioner!
Visit 38 climatic locations following disturbing evidence!
Experience the pre-amnesia events in the additional adventure!


Ghost Files 2 user reviews :

Game was ok. The story plot was fine and love the customizable difficulty setting and match game option in the HOS’s. However, the graphics were very dark and too simplistic to make out. So, I did NOT find all the hidden objects throughout NOR did I bother doing the HOS’s! ALSO, the bonus was TOO short to even qualify as a bonus! WAY TOO pricey for the quality and content! JMO…

I usually enjoy games from this developer however I haven’t been able to play this one beyond the initial opening story line. As soon as the introductory clip ends and I select the story mode and reach the scene with the hand holding the lock of hair, the game crashes and closes every single time. Too bad because I’m intrigued by this one.

Love love love this game. Nice graphics, good hint system, I couldn’t put it down. Was bummed it ended too soon. I really want to get the paid version, but just can’t right now. I’m a 3 time breast cancer patient, scheduled for a double mastectomy in 2 weeks. I’m gonna play the free version again. Hopefully the devs will lower the cost, cuz they should make a fortune on this game. Keep it up. Great game

I really like and appreciate the time the person put in this game. I love the detail of things moving when you touch them, the easy way the collectables or achievements are set up(with the computer icon on screen & the fingerprint). The experience and enjoyment are pleasingly awesome! Other games should take note of this game. All n all you have great games… thank you..

  • Thank you for your kind words!

Storyline, graphics, controls and gameplay are well done. Has a fast travel map and a journal. BUT… the length is shorter than other games, and, the bonus chapter is pathetically short. No issues, otherwise.

Fun game if you forget about the difficulty trying to read the tiny fonts. This isn’t a game for the phone. Might try letting the player control the size of the fonts in the mini games. Also no directions on how to play the games.

Pretty good game with decent storyline. Easy to follow, good mini-games, and good HOPs. Fast travel map, collectible pipes throughout, as well as floppy discs. It took me several days to play main storyline but I was playing it on and off and not straight through. The bonus chapter was extremely short.

I’m really enjoying this game, it’s an interesting storyline and quite funny in parts. The collectibles are crafty although it does tell you if you have them all for the scene, and the HOGS are novel and fun to do. I like the voice acting too, not stilted or flat, but done with humour and personality. Well worth 5*.

So far I’m enjoying the demo. I haven’t had any technical issues/problems w the game. Good graphics & storyline so far.

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