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[Game] Sushi Diner – Fun Cooking

Sushi DinerWelcome to the world of Sushi!

Sharpen your skill as you prepare, cook, assemble and serve delicious sushi and sashimi! Build your sushi empire all over the world and discover new sushi recipe in each new restaurant you own!

Anyone can enjoy the simple and intuitive touch control in this free addictive time-management cooking game!


Sushi Diner will take you to Kyoto, Tokyo, New York, and many other world cities and explore the different sushi styles! Roll up and complete your customers’ sushi orders! The better your cooking is, the more delighted the customers will be. Collect tons of tips for excellent service and make those profits!

Use more than a hundred ingredients to make sushi! Try the popular Salmon and Maguro sushi, or prepare sashimi with premium ingredients like King Crab, Japanese Uni, and Geoduck Clam! Keep your customers happy by prepping and serving everything from California roll, Sake, Spicy Salmon Gunkan and serve them with freshly grinded Wasabi!

Wanna get more successful and famous? Spend your profits on upgrades for food and appliances for your restaurant! Upgrade your sushi fish sources, sashimi knife, and more to ensure all customers get three-star service!

Each level presents a unique new challenge, from collecting enough tips to serving delicious sushi roll, all within the time limit! Adapt your cooking strategy to beat the challenges! Beat the Japan boss levels and become the best sushi chef!

Exchange gifts and compete with friends on your quest to be the best sushi chef! Share your score on Facebook and compete with friends on our leaderboard and global leaderboard!

Easy to pick up, tough to master! This game expands on the time-management genre; if you enjoy that sensation of frantic fast-paced strategy, Sushi Diner is the perfect game for you!

Awesome Graphics!
High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!

Have fun cooking and don’t forget to share your delicious sushi meals with your friends on Facebook!

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Sushi Diner user reviews :

really good game. I’ve been playing since a few years already and I’m always excited for a new stage. HOWEVER I’ve been having issue with the ads that pop up all the time. I don’t care that they show up all the time, but I came across some ads that just won’t close and then I have to close and restart the application, hoping the same ad won’t show up again. If it does, I have to restart, AGAIN, until the advertisement stop showing up. this time, it is the “Episodes” set of adds…

Game play is good and challenging, but it cost too much to upgrade, and it would be better if you didn’t need energy to play. You can see that it was designed for spending real money. It takes to long to get in-game coins for upgrades. Graphics are grate, but there could be more to the kitchen and what you serve for food. Maybe include challenges to get dimonds?

I enjoy this game a lot! The recipes are simple enough to remember while still managing to be challenging and worth coming back to. The graphics are great to look at as well. This is the perfect game to relax with in between study sessions and other activities. I initially disliked how fast I ran out of lives/energy to play, but it’s actually really good as it prevents addiction to gaming. I already have up to Tokyo unlocked, but still come back and play in the earlier diners.

This game is not for f2p. To really enjoy it, u have to spend money. Level 10 in Kyoto made me lose 2 energy bowls due to glitch after first delivery but I cleared my cache and force close and I was able to pass the level. Dev team should not deduct energy if we won so we can play a bit more. We need to grind, but we can’t if there’s limit. Upgrades are expensive as heck. Another issue, I disabled sound fx & music but I still hear it each level. Had to reselect every time. Please view that.

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