Ghost Master Survival – Demon taming and ghost hunting

[Game] Ghost Master Survival

Ghost Master SurvivalMages Assemble, Battle Evil Ghost!

An Asian-style immersive ghost-hunting MMO game that took 3 years to develop is here!

In the game, you’ll become a demon-taming celestial master and a devil-slaying shaman, and embark on a thrilling journey with other Asian demon tamers to hunt ghosts and tame devils.
Game Introduction

Background story:
In the unpeaceful early 20th century, wars were going on everywhere, giving birth to countless wronged souls. As a demon-taming master, you used a spell to reinforce the seal on a thousand-year-old devil king to stop him from breaking it and going loose. However, the Buddha beads you were carrying woke up a sleeping ghost princess, who came back to life as a resentful soul powerful enough to destroy countries.

To save innocent lives, you rallied a Taoist priest armed with elixirs and talisman paper who could manipulate thunder, a corpse controller who could command ghosts and spirits, and a Taoist sorcerer who could use curses and cure various diseases. These masters from across Asia would join you in the war of the century against the evil ghost princess!

In this game, we endeavor to create a colorful immersive world of ghost-hunting. Invite your most trustworthy friends and embark on a thrilling adventure of demon taming and ghost hunting!

Game features:

Use Taoist magic to defeat demons, devils, and ghosts. — An authentic ghost-hunting experience of Maoshan Taoist priests and shamans in the early 20th century.

Bathing in glutinous rice water can remove ptomaine? Hardy banana trees can attract female ghosts? Based on Asian folk culture, dedicated to Asian users, various event dungeons await your exploration. The immersive story reproduces classics and represents them vividly.

There is also a South-Asia-exclusive class: the shaman master. Dressed in white and chanting along his way, he uses his sword to kill ghosts and his tattoos to protect himself. Armed with the hundred-year-old power of Buddha, he can deal destructive burst damage. No matter he is faced with a powerful individual or a herd of evil spirits, he will release all these souls from purgatory in his own way.

-Ancient towns and their authentic atmospheres reproduced!
A fully-3D big scene that faithfully depicts a vast supernatural world for you to feast your eyes on. All graphics use the HDR rendering technique and will bring you back to towns of the early 20th century. You can navigate all the streets and alleys and witness stories of love and hatred from that age.

-Vampire Alliance from the Western Camp, Join Forces to Hunt
Exclusive Ghost – The vampire descends in a black robe, with a mysterious ability that intertwines with the powerful spiritual energy. Whether facing powerful enemies alone or groups of evil spirits, the vampire will use its unique abilities to devour them one by one.

-Maoshan corpse controllers and devil-slaying shamans
Super fun! Abracadabra! Put cinnabar on a corpse’s ears, nose and mouth to seal the person’s three hun and seven po. Then use Taoist power to take the corpse back to their hometown to bury, so that they will rest in peace. -You can match classic devil-slaying artifacts such as Peach Wood Sword, Purple Rice, Spirit Calling Bell, and Cinnabar as you like to achieve different effects. This is the key to turning the tide in combat.

-Team up with your date to slay ghosts and find treasures together

You can team up with other players in real time to enjoy authentic item-hunting of MMORPGs. Say goodbye to those dungeons where CP is everything. We offer unique classes and dungeons that have clear roles. Teamwork is super fun here. You will definitely like it!

There are also interactive modes such as Master and Apprentice, Sworn Brothers, Loyal Lovers, and Marriage of Heirs for you to socialize at will. You will never feel lonely in this vast world of spirits!

Ghost Master Survival user reviews :

Graphics are great. No lag or connection issues, but it’s not a game. It’s a full auto movie. Can’t do anything without it yanking you out of it because it’s auto playing. Really hard to enjoy the atmosphere when your not in control and can explore and appreciate the work that went into making this. In less than 10 min I’m already lvl 90 and have zero idea why or how, “game” did everything with zero input from me

  • We attach great importance to the problems you pointed out. At present, the game is also in the stage of continuous polishing, and we will continue to strive to optimize it. We also hope that you can have a different experience in the future.

It’s a fully automated game, you don’t need to do anything but just watch, no skills needed, just top up and boom. Most MMORPGs are like these, but yeah, this one good graphics and classes considering it needs less than 500 mb of data for downloading. This game is good enough for those who only wants to play for fun, enjoy graphical sceneries but doesn’t care about difference in power and outfit between players. Anyhow, this isn’t for me.

  • We attach great importance to the problems you pointed out. At present, the game is also in the stage of continuous polishing, and we will continue to strive to optimize it. We also hope that you can have a different experience in the future.

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