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Monster Hunter NowThe thrill of the hunt is calling. Begin your hunting adventure now!

Hunt monsters in the real world:

Embark on a global quest to track down and hunt some of the most formidable monsters from the Monster Hunter universe as they appear in our world. Forge powerful weapons and team up with fellow hunters to track down larger-than-life monsters and take them head-on.

Authentic hunting action carefully adapted to mobile:
Discover a variety of monsters depending on the habitat around you – Forest, Desert or Swamp – and engage in thrilling hunts solo, or band together with fellow hunters to take on these large monsters. The simplified tap-based controls and high-fidelity graphics enable you to engage in enjoyable hunting action wherever you go.

See monsters around you with the AR Camera:
Experience what it’s like to have these iconic monsters appear in the real world with exclusive AR Camera features.

Master the hunt in 75 seconds:
Can you complete the hunt within 75 seconds? Master the weapons, craft armor sets and hone your skills – exploit weaknesses and utilize every element at your disposal to take on the hunt.

Mark monsters even with your phone in the pocket:
With Adventure Sync, you can use a Paintball to track monsters while you explore your town and bring the hunt to your doorstep afterwards. As you explore, your Palico can mark passing monsters with Palico Paintballs, even while you aren’t actively playing, allowing you to return to them later, ensuring that the action never stops.

Monster Hunter Now user reviews :

Great concept, very pretty graphics and the combat feels very fluid. This game manages to capture the Monster Hunter essence in a good way… Monster density is absurdly low. Monster Hunter games are all about hunting monsters not walking for 10 minutes in real life in the hopes one will pop on your screen. Resources gathering as well is an issue because you constantly need different materials to upgrade and forge gear and they are simply not enough. Intentionally lacking to slow progression..

I’m gonna give the game 5 star, I think the mechanics and the game play type are really good. Just some feedback for the devs, at some point, the games feel repetitive after the battles, and when you clear a zone, it takes so much time to find more monsters or materials to get in the same zone, I know that the game it’s in early stages and the point it’s go outside to explore, but sometimes we can do that frequently and the looting get to hard. And I repeat, I think the game is really good!

It has so much potential, but there are some key issues holding it back. The monetization is almost identical to Pokémon Go, which isn’t inherently bad by itself, but things seem way overpriced. I generally don’t mind spending money on games if the value is reasonable. But what you get for the price is just not there. Secondly, the items required to upgrade gear get extreme, not long into the game. It doesn’t encourage experimentation in builds because of how long it takes to farm items.

I love monster hunter on PC so I had to try this when I heard of it. So far the beginning has been fun but so far I’ve found three things that are frustrating and should get fixed in the future. 1.) If you’re going to have a “I’m not a driver” button at least let us play while carpooling. If you go too fast you just can’t play at all everything disappears. 2.) Up the speed limit as sometimes I even get the driving notification on my pedal bike! 3.) Bad lag while fighting can get you killed.

I’m a fan of the monster hunter games, as well as a fan of Niantic. I’m enjoying this for the most part, but it crashes fairly frequently, and when the crash happens in a large fight that you start with a paintball, you not only lose the paintball, but also the fight. Personally, I’d like a change to that where the paintball and painted creature slot isn’t consumed until you finish the fight, either by winning or losing.

Very fun! Excellent game. The graphics and gameplay are great! My only complaint is that there is a high-speed gameplay restriction which means that nothing will show up. It sucks if you are a passenger. Definitely meant for safety but can’t play this game riding in the car. Possible improvement: Add more stops like a hunters hub where you can collect additional items like potions, paintballs, etc.

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