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GIF to Video  GIF to Video is an all-in-one GIF application where you can search, edit and share your favorite GIFs with the community! Search & browse local, GIPHY, Tenor, and Reddit GIFs.

Convert to video and share via messengers and social networks. Search trending GIFs to create a Discord PFP!

GIF to Video App with over 1 million downloads: it’s a powerful and free GIF converter with an integrated GIF searching function. Convert unique GIFs in high quality!

Main Features:

Convert a GIF to video and use our easy-to-use video editing tools.
Upload GIFs from your phone gallery or choose among dozens of GIF images on GIPHY, Tenor or Reddit.
Cut, crop and trim video, & loop before or after converting.
Export your videos fast with high quality, save space and battery for your device.
Share your videos with friends via Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok and more.

Enjoy searching GIFs! Find animated GIFs and convert them.

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GIF to Video user reviews :

It’s a good app, it doesn’t take long at all, the only thing is wrong with it is that there are too many ads. Everytime you go to convert it, an add pops up. It sucks especially when your doing multiple in one go

Does exactly what they say and smoothly to boot. Ads are minimal and don’t interfere with a quick result.

LOVE the app! I’ve never had any problems with it since I downloaded it about 4 phones ago.

I 100% RECOMMEND THIS!! CapCut doesn’t let you use GIFs from your gallery so if you have been looking for a solution to that, download this. You can export the GIFs into tiny videos and then you can go on CapCut and use them in the videos section. Yes there is an ad after every GIF you export into a video, but they’re usually short ads. (I also recommend having the GIFs you wanna use already in your gallery because the options to search on may not have what you want)

So far so good. I’m really enjoying the app. Though I wish there was a way to edit the gifs lengths too

This app is AMAZING! The only problem is that you can only change 1 gif to a video at a time. And after that, you get a ad. It’s kinda bad that you can’t select multiple because It takes a long time to convert many and you get an ad after everyone of them.

I wasn’t able to create videos in video editor and finally found a better app for converting gifs to video . Thank you.

This app is extremely good! I edit a lot so when I need a gif for an edit or a story I’m making online, I can just type in the character I want and it’ll give me tons of ones to choose from

It is very cool but sometimes the program takes me out of it and tells me please open the video app again and when I open it it returns the same thing and opens when I restart the phone please solve the problem Because I won’t keep rebooting my phone every time I want to download Cap and thank you

This app is very well You can use it But one prblm is after making gif to vdo you have to see 1 ad But sometimes you don’t have to see ad. So I will say this app help me so much.

Great app but everytime you make the gif into a video an app pops up. You can only make one gif into an video, too. But it works awesome!!!

This app is so AMAZING 1000/10 i really like it! Since i get gifs from pinterest:D i really like this! Now i can edit freely in capcut!

This is the best app! Since capcut doesnt allow u to use gifs,u can make gifs to tiny video’s and than u can convert them to ur gallary.this app is REALLY REALLY REALLY Recommended!

This app was sooooo good I recommend to you guys but you can one video only and after that ad like I video=1add but to me that was okay because apps like that they have a adds so yeah

This app is amazing to use in capcut as you can’t add gifs there so this makes editing very easy and fun as we get high quality videos so I’m giving 5 stars

It’s really easy to use n works perfect! But the ads r kinda annoying smtimes

So far, so good… Serves its purpose. Converting gif to a video’s made easy.

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