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GitMindWith GitMind, an AI collaborative mind mapping and brainstorming tool, you can turn your ideas into numerous mind nodes, automatically generating a mind map based on the idea you provide!

Leveraging AI, you can also effortlessly create org charts, lucid charts, timelines, notes, to-do lists, project plans, and meeting minutes like a pro. Additionally, collaboration is available as you transform your ideas and texts into mind maps, enabling you to manage all the mind maps with others in real time.

Ads free.
AI Mind map.
100+ templates available.
Export into image or PDF.

Features of GitMind
AI Mind map: Automatically generate a mind map based on the idea provided.
Editing: Add image, icon, summary, and comment to mindnodes.
Templates: Tons of mind map templates are available.
Style: Randomly change shape, radius, borderline, structure, etc.
Layout: Different layouts for mind map, logic chart, org chart, fishbone diagram, tree chart, timeline, and fishbone.
Fold branches: Keep your documents organized.
Custom: Add relation lines between mind map nodes.
Whiteboard (web): Freeform canvas, making diagrams with arrows, texts, images, circles, rectangles, and more.
Slide Show (web): Convert a mind map into a slide show.
OCR: Extract text from the image and convert text to a mind map.
Outliner: Outline your thoughts and ideas hierarchically.
View: Zoom in/out canvas; Landscape view.
Sync: Save mind maps to the cloud automatically and sync across platforms.
Share: Share mind maps via a link with view/edit permissions; manage mind maps collaboratively.
Import the XMind file (GitMind web version)
Export: Support PNG, JPG, PDF, DOCX, TXT, and GitMind projects.

With GitMind, you can:

Capture Ideas
Convert ideas into notes, concept maps, project plans, to-do lists, etc.
Create with various themes and 100+ mind map templates.
Add images, icons, summaries, and comments to mind maps.
Extract text from images and turn text into mind maps.
Chat with GitMind and brainstorm new ideas.

Get Organized
Transform your mind map into an outline for your essay, plan, notes, article, etc.
Customize font color, size, background color, and more.
Apply various layouts and structures for mind maps, org charts, tree charts, fishbone diagrams, timelines, etc.

Access Anywhere
Instantly create mind maps on your device and store them in the cloud.
Share mind maps via a single link.
Collaborate with team members.
Cross-platform synchronization.
Export mind maps into images or PDF files.

GitMind for Various Occasions

GitMind AI helps teams brainstorm new ideas, track multiple tasks, and achieve project success through project planning, problem-solving, meeting management, and presentations.

GitMind AI helps students take notes in class, improve memory, and boost creativity. It can also be used by teachers to create lesson plans, do presentations, and organize research materials.

Daily Life
GitMind AI can be used as a notepad, notebook, or whiteboard to jot down ideas, plans, to-do lists, and daily schedules.

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GitMind user reviews :

Gitmind is a great tool for writers, like me, looking to streamline their story writing process and bring their ideas to life. Being a cloud based tool it doesn’t take up much space, it allows for light and smooth use. I use it on both my laptop and my phone and it integrates seamlessly. Since the tool is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows me greater flexibility and convenience in terms of work location. I am never afraid of losing notes again

One of the best mindmap software on web and app I have been used. The theme colors are so nice. The layout is super flexible and auto-arranged. The shortcuts also easy to use. I have tried many mindmaps but this seem to be my destination. Hope that it will speed up my works and organize my life. Hope dev team will have some discounts for users to ultilize pro functions. Overall, the free version is enough for my daily use but it will be a nice try for pro features. Thank for the wonderful app

Very useful app. it will make your life in case you are working with process flows. It is a helpful program that helps learners create mind maps, concept maps, diagrams, and flowcharts of all kinds. Furthermore, it is one of those flexible programs that you can access on all major platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Being an online program has led it to provide a free service since almost all online programs do the same. So, yes, you can use this mind mapping tool without spending a dime.

I am very happy with Gitmind as my mind map maker. Since I paid it I started creating maps daily. It has all features I need, it is simple and intuitive to use and I love view mindmap+outline. It makes my work so much easier. The only downsize is a little complicated working within folder systems but I believe the app will improve it within the time.

very good app for organisation of ideas and plans i started using it those days and it works pretty well as long as i dont add a lot of ideas to it its still better then notion.

GitMind is a mind map maker that has revolutionized the way I brainstorm and organize my thoughts. With its intuitive interface and diverse features, it empowers users of all levels to create stunning and functional mind maps.

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