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StructuredStructured: Your all-in-one day planner, combining calendar, to-do list, and habit tracker into a single visual timeline.

The No. 1 most downloaded day planner in the Apple App Store, now also available for Android. Join over 1 million monthly planners, start achieving your goals, and make the most of your day.

The visual timeline forms the core of Structured, where your business appointments, private events, and to-do lists all come together. Easily create tasks in seconds, set deadlines, rearrange them, and customize your day according to your needs. Whether dealing with ADHD, autism, or simply seeking a bit more structure, we are here to make it happen.

Start planning for free to:

Manage your daily tasks in an intuitive timeline and achieve your goals faster
Reach mental clarity and store your thoughts in the Inbox – you can sort it out later
Utilize Notes and sub-tasks to break down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable parts, helping you avoid feeling overwhelmed
Stay on top of your tasks with notifications, to never miss a deadline again
Enhance your focus with colour coding and a great selection of task icons
Match your current mood by customizing your app colour

Upgrade to Structured Pro to:

Use the recurring task feature to set up routines for your workday or your favourite weekend program
Customize your notifications perfectly for every situation

Structured Pro is available for purchase as a monthly or annual subscription, or as a lifetime plan.

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Structured user reviews :

This app was literally perfect for what I wanted to do. I even bought the pro version which made the experience a lot better! However, when I switched from ios to andriod, I found a lot of those good features were gone. Very little emojis, not able to predict nor associate words with said emojis, the AI feature is non-existent, it just turned into nothing more than your simple default reminders app. So that’s pretty disheartening, I don’t use it any more.

it’s good, I love all the features and it assists in helping me get tasks done. BUT, you have to get pro all to use an alarm. there aren’t enough icons for tasks, which isn’t a huge deal but it is also frustrating. I just think that it is ridiculous that I have to get pro in order to use an alarm, it is and easy fix but still It asks you when you wake up and when you go to bed, then it will show you how much time is left in your day, I like it I like it I just don’t want to pay for AN ALARM!

Absolutely love this app! It keeps me much more consistent in my routines. The only reason I have tagged 4 out of 5 is for to a few features that would take this over the edge for me. I’d love the ability to carry over tasks that are unchecked or incomplete to the next day. Sometimes I just can’t get to everything and this would remind me and show what I’m missing to make sure I keep things balanced. I also would like the inbox for tasks without due dates to be able to show on the daily lists.

Life is not always predictable, and sometimes a task takes longer than you expected Structured doesn’t give you an option to adjust the timing of the tasks after setting them (ex: by dragging it) — the only thing you can do in such a situation is waste more time by changing the timings of ALL of the succeeding tasks manually one by one. Fix this (and the fact that you can’t replace one task by another) and I’ll rate this app 5 stars.

This is a beautiful app with lots of potential. It has a great inteface and the idea is very helpful. But without the premium, you cannot repeat tasks which instantly brings down the rating for me. Repeated tasks is the most useful feature and without it the app becomes frankly quite useless as i have to add multiple tasks everyday. It takes too much time and is very mundane. However, it is still an amazing app to manage your time and productivity.

This is amazing!! I did experience the bugs that another user was talking about. I added a task by setting the time on the single timeslot scroller and it kept pushing it by an hour until I manually adjusted the time. I’d really prefer to add the time manually as in the default android clock where you can pick the hour and then minute on the clock. It takes a long time to scroll through all the time in a day.

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