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[Game] Gladiators Arena – Idle Tycoon

Gladiators ArenaIt’s time to attack! Train your troops, upgrade weapons, It’s time to battle it out on the world’s biggest ancient arena.

Gather your troops and enter the battlefield. Let’s give our audience one heck of a show!

It is an ancient Rome as the era background of a combat management class leisure mobile game, the player with gladiator training by acting as a Roman nobleman, recruiting and training of gladiator to participate in combat, in order to gain resources and strengthen the training process, the player can to learn about the ancient Roman gladiator.

This new idle game features tons of arenas.

Game Features:
Tap to Upgrade. New idle game lets you battle it out on the battlefield.
Enemies be warned! Fight off bears, dragons and captains. Win or lose, it’s the team you choose!
Recruit. Show them how it’s done. Recruit a gladiator through and through!
Collect coins. Battling is not always about losing, but also winning cash. and lots of em!

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Food Cutting, Pull Him Out, and I Peel Good!

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Gladiators Arena user reviews :

Pretty good for a free game. Grinding is fairly entertaining as it has 5-6 different game modes on top of the main. Once you reach lvl35 and chapter 75 on main mode it becomes pay to advance. If you don’t want to pay then youre gonna be waiting/grinding for a week to save up resources for upgrades. Kinda sucks playing sidegames for a week to go up 1 level in main game mode

  • Hi there! Thank you for reaching out to us. We are constantly optimizing, improving, and testing features for our game and gathering player feedback on these so we can create a game everyone will enjoy playing, so thank you for letting us know how you feel about this.

This game is great. It’s very fun to play you can lose a lot of time playing this game. It keeps you busy I like the way you manage your team. It just freezes up too much when you watch ads or anything else. Do you lose money that way.

Started out as a 5 star experience – I loved the game so much I decided to actually spend real money – TERRIBLE CHOICE – spent $80 worth of gems to upgrade King Arthur to level 200 and he barely lasts in Expedition or any “Normal” ranked difficulty. What killed me was spending another $80 on Hellfire to level 200 and he sucks too… Devs need to make the +Legendary heroes stronger – I’ve spent well over $200+ on this game and not good ROI.

I’ve played this game every day for months. But the patch/update on 10/26 made the game so hard it’s now impossible. Cool that you added new characters but I’ll be we be able to advance to see them. Going to uninstall.

  • We’re sorry to hear that the recent update has made the game less enjoyable for you. Our aim is to provide an engaging experience for all players, and we value your feedback. Please consider reaching out to us in-game so that we can gather more details about the issues you’re facing and work to address them to enhance your gaming experience.

Cool game but expensive. Lots of ads but with rewards. It will be very grindy in the long run but for the mean time I’m very entertained

It’s a nice good tycoon game really relaxing this game will automatically go so you’ll be grinding while you’re sleeping eating even in the Bath from even when you’re at work So download Gladiator arena idle tycoon

So far a very decent game. The concept and systems are very friendly, however that’s about where the praises end. The game lacks a choice of graphics which would be preferred for players with lower end devices. Ads since I’ve downloaded the game have crashed the game every time they are loaded without fail. If the graphics could be lowered the dev team would most certainly see better ad revenue, because as it stands you can’t watch ads. Here’s to hoping you read this. It is a nice game.

  • Hello! We need to investigate further the crashes in the game that you experienced. Please contact our support team and provide details. You can contact support in the game by tapping Gear Icon on the Main Menu, then tapping Help and Support>Get in touch. If the game is too unstable, you can contact support at tapenjoy[at]

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