Matching Story – What sorts of miracles will you find

[Game] Matching Story

Matching StoryTest your match-3 skills and craft all kinds of magical items on your wonderful fairytale adventure!

On this uncharted island, there lies a piece of barren land, waiting for you to make it glow with dazzling light.

What sorts of miracles will you find? In Matching Story, you’ll solve match-3 puzzles to unlock amazing rewards you can use to spruce up your island and uncover surprises that await you! Explore and upgrade a world full of charming and fantastic floras, gorgeous goodies, and cute critters to choose from. Use them to design and decorate your garden and island!

About match-3 games, Matching Story provides over 1000 levels of different difficulties and gameplay. It offers an immersive experience with the stunning effects brought by TNT, various styles of game pieces, and interesting match-3 level designs, ensuring a double gaming experience for both your vision and touch.

In the Matching Story games, you can not only explore the fun of solving puzzles but also gain more resources in a variety of match-3 modes. It allows you to unlock different islands and build your dream garden island through collection and merging. At the same time, you can unlock new story chapters through match gameplay. Starting on a new journey with our protagonist Emma to save, explore, solve puzzles, match, and merge. Come and enjoy the amazing matching experience that Matching Story has to offer.

The game features:
MATCH cute pieces to help Alice cast her magic!
RENOVATE your island as you wish. Your own fantasy island is at your fingertips!
EXPLORE exciting stories and unlock lots of mysterious characters!
CHALLENGE rich and engaging levels to unlock unique boosters and explosive combinations!
ENJOY the main story and explore the secrets hidden on the fantasy island!
PLAY OFFLINE so you can take your fantasy island with you wherever you go! Visit our
Merge Continuously upgrade your dream match-3 garden by matching identical items

Facebook page so we can start a fantastic adventure together!

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Matching Story user reviews :

I would put more stars, the graphics of the game is beautiful, I am playing this game for a few days, first it was fun, but then levels are unbeatable, used so many boosters, and they are not helping to pass levels, for some land we have to pay real money to get them, too much to merge, in order to get one item, if it would be this way, I will uninstall it

  • Hi Liliya, thank you for the review. We will keep tuning the level difficulty to make the game fun to play! Some levels are indeed challenging but none is impossible. If you need any help, contact customer support via in-game help in settings. We are always happy to provide help. Hope you continue to enjoy the game and have a lovely day!

I absolutely love this game. I’m not into merge games, but I wanted to give this one a try. I instantly fell in love. I’m addicted. However, recently I have noticed that about 20 chests that I’ve opened in a row, have all been nothing but the music fountain pieces. Is this a glitch? It’s kinda disappointing if this isn’t a glitch. Can’t advance merges if it’s the same one repetitive piece. But again… Love this game. Highly recommend.

I think is a really nice game, easy to get started and understand. Its a basic pay to play at first, (5 turns at a time) and you can progress quite quick. Pay to win kicked in about level 650, from there on pretty slow going. Lots of free turns and free boosters, but quickly become no real help. Little distinction between normal, hard and super hard seems you hit a point of they all take many turns to pass. The visit neighbours to get stuff is fun, seeing a reset time on them would be helpful.

  • Dear islander, thank you so much for the review. We value your opinions very much! We will keep tuning the difficulty so the levels will be fun and challenging at the same time. If you encounter any problems while playing the game, please contact us at any time. Hope you will have fun playing Matching Story and have a great day!

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