Going Up – Will you rise to the challenge

[Game] Going Up – 3D Parkour Adventure

Going UpAre you ready for an epic 3D parkour adventure like no other? Going Up! 3D Parkour Adventure will take you on a thrilling journey to new heights, where you’ll run, jump, and climb your way through an immersive world.

Will you rise to the challenge and become the master of parkour?

In Going Up! you’ll take on the role of an ambitious protagonist who is determined to conquer the world of parkour. Navigate through stunning 3D environments, overcoming obstacles and performing gravity-defying jumps. With each running session, you’ll strive to break your own records and reach new heights.

Game – simulator of parkour
Top-notch designed levels
Smooth and easy to use controls
User-friendly interface
Realistic and stunning 3D graphics for parkour game

How to play:
Use the joystick to make the character run and jump
Overcoming obstacles on the race.
Control to not fall down and reach higher score

Learn from mistakes, persevere, and become a master of parkour.
Are you up for the challenge? Download Going Up! now and embark on the most thrilling parkour adventure ever. Can you rise above the obstacles and reach new heights? It’s time to find out!

Going Up user reviews :

Good platforming, chill experience. It’s fairly easy the whole way thru unlike the original game but there are some difficult platforming points. Lots of ads but if you turn off your internet connection they’ll stop after a bit, but you’ll need to turn it back on if you want to go back to your last checkpoint because you have to watch an ad for that. Thankfully you can skip most of the ads when you pick up a checkpoint but you have to watch the whole ad to return to your checkpoint.

Game is actually pretty fun but the amount of ads are seriously appalling lol. If I mess up and fall I have to watch an ad to get back to my spot…which is fine, but then every time I get a checkpoint or an energy box thing an ad pops up. Legit every thirty seconds and there isn’t even an option to buy an ad free version or anything. It’s so frustrating I’m honestly about to delete the game

I like the concept of the game, the game is still buggy tho, and the control is wacky, let’s the controls be resizable, and please add some moving obstacles that will try and knock players out of the way, or maybe just some boulders rolling down a place to knock players back. The climax will be adding a storyline, as this will make the game now immersive, good work you have done here, i absolutely loved it, but the control is why I’m removing a star

Great game, but omg is there tons of ads, I’m good with making money with them but when u have ads all along the bottom of your screen and ads playing every 5 seconds or so, that’s too much. Idk how the rest of the game is bc I can’t get thru with all of the ads (we all know how the small button in the corner never exists the ad, but sends u to the play store, that’s a problem as well) every time an ad leads u to the play store, it reloads the game making it take longer time away from gameplay

Smooth interesting and Very good game. There are many ads and few glitches in game but overall game is very good. I have completed this game full. But only one level is there . We need more levels.

This game is pretty good. Almost gives the feeling of the original only up. However, there are rooms for improvement like the movement and control. The character movement can be made bit more realistic. Other than that this is a pretty good game.

The game is really good and easy to control. But the game has some bug and kind of glitches and check point issues also . In this connection I Hope you will look into the matters soon .

Very good app. The best only up clone mobile version. You better download it guys the obstacles are not easy and not that hard but it’s enjoyable.

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