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[Game] Gomoku – Gobang

GomokuSimple but profound classic board game!

You can also play with Renju rules!

How to play
Rules are simple! Vertical stones of their own color, horizontal, is a five-aligned After wins in one of the diagonal.

Method of operation
Tap to select the trout, you can put yourself in the stone and press the start button.

CPU level is 9 stage, PvP also possible
Let’s free to choose the CPU of strength to suit your ability.
Since the level of a plurality of stages are prepared you can enjoy from beginner to advanced!
Of course, you can also compete with your friends in the interpersonal function.

Renju rules
In addition to simple Gomoku, you can also select Renju rules.
In Renju rules black, thirty-three does not put in white both.
It will also become lined six or more, the Kinte.

Other Features
“I waited” feature, KOs record, first move iron random settings, etc.

Gomoku user reviews :

I made a rating before it seems to disappeared. had to take a star away for the goofy music that cant be turned off. I want to listen to music while I play my games. you didn’t think of options for music level or mute. design flaw.

The app looks nice and is pretty playable, but there are some pretty major issues, no player can win with an overline in any rule set, and the puzzles can say correct even if you make a losing move, many of them seem impossible in reality.

pretty good, very easy UI. Would be great to improve the algorithm, level 9 is still beatable quite quick. Good for beginners, though.

Best AI + the Renju rule is a helpful balance. Cons: can’t change time per turn to unlimited. I wish devs add more rules (swap2, etc.)

I would give it more stars, but it doesn’t know when to call a game a draw. Also, why do I receive a loss on my record when the computer draws the game?

I just started playing n im learning i like it Pss. To the people who are complaining abiut the music well its actually foreign relaxing music but if you want to mute it it very easy go to setting when you firsy open the app and go down to music and remove yhe check mark hello easy no reason for one star for that. The game is nice.

i am giving 1 star just for your atention, i liked the game alot, nice feel and easy ui. however the tsumegomoku, but many of the 3te problem is wrong, as the opponent formed 3piece before i form a 3×3 fork for a “correct” result. making the “win” unreasonable as the opponent will clearly win before i do and thus supposedly i should get an “incorrect”

there’s absolutely nothing that actually explains the game! I was taught years ago, and it’s very different from the actual board game as I remember it

Excellent app to learn and master gomoku with. Puzzles could be better if they offered solutions when stuck.

Im only on level 3 but it seems to be really easy. Hope it changes and gets harder cause it does seem fun, but so far… way to easy

This is fun I wish it explained how to play but it’s challenging and makes you think a lot

Just started learning Go, this app helps me to understand the game, I find it fun. No complaints yet.

Best one. You can play or train and go back to try other moves

Easy to play…just place 5 black tiles in a straight line.

I’ve been a big fan of this game since childhood. It starts easy and gets harder. What is there not to like.

My Game Played After A Week Tic Tac Toe Is Classic Game Of All Time To Play Of Friends Some Issues And Fixes!

Some tasks have wrong solution (count with wrong defining player move). E.g.: 3 moves mate task 15: after h11 should be h7: 3 moves mate task 17: after i9 should be j10 …

was always interested in this game. Now I can play whenever I want.

So calm recently I’ve been call idiot very frequently by my supervisor, hopefully I can train my brain with this apps.

Classic GO. The robustly proficient artificial intelligence is enthralling, yet the regulated flow of the in game music reminds you not to be too competitive and enjoy yourself. Ghan Wolg.

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