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[Game] Classic chess

Classic chessBecause it is an application easy to understand explanations of rules

Rules are easier to understand intuitively than books and websites!
I understand the rules necessary to play chess.

Beginners who are going to start from now are also recommended for chess applications for those who want to check the rules!

AI with wide difficulty level is installed!
AI equipped to be able to play from beginner to advanced!
You can feel better progress as the level is divided finely.
We will also install a stronger level of AI in future updates.

3D and 2D correspondence!
In 3D mode you can play chess while enjoying the atmosphere with beautiful graphics.
In 2D mode, the piece information is easy to understand, and it is easy to confirm the war situation.
Because you can choose your favorite mode, you can also use it properly according to your mood!

Update schedule
Adjustment of direction and operation feeling
Addition of CPU AI
Implementation of additional functions such as ranking

When making inquiries, please contact us from the inquiry form within this application.

Classic chess user reviews :

So far I’m enjoying this app. Unless your a complete beginner set the level quite high as the lower levels just throw the pieces around willy nilly. You’d have to be wearing a blindfold to loose. Higher levels play better. The black peices are displayed on the board in a odd upside way which I’ve never seen before. You soon get used to that through. I’m sure there must be a way to turn off the annoying music but I can’t find it. Overall through its a decent enough game and if you haven’t played.

Been playing this for a couple of years and it used to be a great all round challenge getting progressively harder as tactics improved. Right now it’s only great for beginners or experts. I’m pretty good, been playing chess for years but the jump from L7 to L8 is just ridiculous, not fun anymore. Sort this out it’ll be good again but for now I would avoid.

I’m a beginner and found the app useful and fun. The spaces available to each piece are highlighted which is helping me learn the moves that can be made. Different levels enable progression and there is the option to play online or against computer so I don’t embarrass myself! Nice calming music in the background makes for a relaxing game.

Great fun, nice graphic, smooth. Choose level and play another person or the AI definitely, if you are a newbie, and want to build up your skill. In game help for where pieces can move to, and what one will be taken, simply by touching them. There’s handicaps like game play with your best pieces gone No time limit so you can think more than one move ahead. Try anticipating yours and CPUs next move, memorise best positions etc.

Educational. I’m learning as I go. I thought learning chess would be hard. (The time is still young, and I still have a lot to learn.) But I’ve always loved learning about chess. One day, I hope to master it. As for the technical aspect of it, there are no glitches or problems that I can tell, the game plays well, and the graphics are pleasing, too.

Most beautiful game for mobile. One thing though. I see a blue square with and without the red aura. At first I thought it means “capture possible with risk”. But then I saw the red aura even without any risk present for my character. And even it not being there when there actually was a risk. I don’t know. I’m confused!

AI is laughible up to lvl 6 difficulty. Put pawn attacking queen, AI doesnt even care, they just play a non threatening move as opposed to moving queen to safety. Music could be better too. A bit of chopin would be nice, or of the sort.

It’s the best chess gane on the Play Store! This is one of the chess games that allows you to experience the game with other players, along with CPUs which can really teach you different games. 5 star reccomendation!

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