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Google AdminGoogle Admin : Google Enterprise Mobile Admin lets you take care of the most common tasks from anywhere you are.

Add users, reset passwords, manage groups, contact support, and view domain setting changes.

Google Admin app is designed for super admins of Google’s Enterprise products including Google Apps for Business, Education, Government, Google Coordinate and Chromebooks.

Prior to installing this app we recommend that you set a strong lockscreen password on your device

Google Admin user reviews :

This is a very weak debut for such an important and long-awaited app. You can’t call this an admin tool when all it does is let you add users and groups.

Every time i try to signin using my existing account it gives a error “unable to sign in ”

We cannot approve mobile devices through the app as promised. We add users through AD, so being able to create users on the device does not help us…

This app are great, but need password feature for login in app, when you lose your mobile phone, your accounts is very compromised.

I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS!!!! *FINALLY!* This will make my life so much easier now to manage all of my e-mail addresses and aliases and groups, all from my phone, and even while away from the computer. This may even be EASIER from the mobile app than from the computer! I use aliases like they’re going out of style by giving everyone that asks for my e-mail address a unique alias so I can control spam. One problem has always been that if I’m not at my PC and someone asks for my e-mail address, I have to make one up on the spot, remember it, then remember to create it when I get back to the PC. Now I can really make them, on the spot. _*SO MUCH BETTER!!!*_

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