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SOS Online BackupSOS Online Backup may be the very best way to protect your precious personal data… – PC Magazine

Android backup at its best:

Backup Apps, Pictures, Videos and Music to your personal SOS cloud
Backup and restore up to 5 PCs, Macs, Androids, and iPhones with a single SOS account
Access the files in your personal SOS cloud
Open files in supported apps
Backup any other files on internal storage or SD cards
“Client-side” encryption – files are protected BEFORE they leave your device
Automatic and unlimited versioning

SOS is available for Windows + Mac + Android + iOS (iPhone/iPad) + Facebook (free Facebook app backs-up your Profile

No matter which application you use to create your SOS account, your data will be accessible from up to five other devices. It’s simple – backup your Android and access your data on your PC!

Sign up for 5GB free with SOS for Android or access your existing SOS account. SOS is fast, secured with military-grade encryption and incredibly reliable. With over 500,000 clients worldwide and millions of PCs protected, SOS represents the finest cloud storage and Android backup service available.

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SOS Online Backup user reviews :

UPDATE 3/28/2023. This app started crashing every time. Uninstalled Tried to install again but Play Store says it can’t install. So I tried the Infrascale app (seems to be the same as SOS). That worked for awhile, but now it opens with an inactive Backup button. And SOS still can’t be installed. ======== V2.0.5 is an improvement, with less flaky navigation to folders for backup.

seems excellent. can select folder or files and keeps it updated. Too bad that, in practice, it is so slow and buggy, that it can’t be used for anything else but txt files. 200418 want to try again but makes it very difficult to sign up.

The desktop application has saved my bacon on more than one occasion, but (unless I’ve missed it) there is no search function on the mobile app, which means that locating a file takes *ages*.

I like the desktop app a lot. I’ve run into a bug in the mobile app. In the Protect my Files menu, there is no option to revert to the previously selected directory. If I accidentally go up the directory hierarchy to storage/emulated, then there is no way to move to select any active folders! I had to reinstall to fix this problem as you cannot directly type into the directory menu box. Fixing this would raise my rating of the app significantly, as everything else works fine.

Cannot restore any files to SD card. Cannot restore any files to internal storage either, once the download directory has been changed. It says that /storage/emulated is empty so can’t get back to /storage/emulated/0. Useless until updated. (Developer: you need to update to use the new Android 6.0 API for file operations.)

At least my files from my computer are here. However, I can’t even download anything that was backed up from my pc to my phone. Nor can I back up anything that I have on my phone to the cloud. It’s upsetting. Please, will you fix this error? I’ll change the rating once it’s fixed.

This app is great. Relatively fast and easy to use. I got this to back up my not so reliable android, and to save files for when i switch to an iPhone. However, I’m not clear on wether I have to download the files onto a pc first or if I can just download them directly to my iphone? If someone could please help me clear up the confusion before i switch I’d really appreciate it! I have tons of files I can’t afford to lose!

Simple & works great. I backed up files from my computer and now I can access them from anywhere via my phone. Love it!

Good quick responses to customer complaints. App works great. Thanks a lot… Back to the smooth, refined app I was used to.

  • Glad to hear. Thank you for using our service!

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