GPS video camera – Geotag video to your current location

[App] GPS video camera – Video stamp & watermark on video

GPS video camera  Recording video with GPS location stamps on it has become quite simple with this new GPS video camera App, the sister App of GPS map camera.

We all enjoy taking and recording videos and pictures, whether it’s on a trip to a new location or in our own city. With the GPS overlay video camera app, you can stamp information such as latitude, longitude, date, time, chart, weather, compass, magnetic field, and much other information to your video while recording from your phone.

With this geotagging camera application, you can geotag video to your current location while recording the video. Share your video with GPS Data stamped on it with family and friends so they can also learn about the locations you’re visiting.

Essential video camera settings:

Front and back camera support
Flash settings: On / off / Auto
Adjust the screen ratio
Use gridlines for better picture layouts

Interesting features:

Supports different languages
Add Date & Timestamp from various formats and stamp it on video
Select and add GPS coordinates Automatic or manual
Add GPS Coordinates such as Latitude, longitude, GPS address, Magnetic Field, Weather, Compass with live GPS tracking
Save your videos in accordance with custom names & live navigation
Select map type from normal, satellite, terrain, or hybrid
Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit as the temperature unit
Set GPS Coordinates for GPS Stamp from DMS or Decimal Options

Why should you have a GPS video camera stamp app?

Adding a GPS Map Location Stamp & GPS timestamp to a Video
With geotag stamp camera, find a video location stamp in one spot
Works as a note-taking camera that can quickly stamp GPS coordinates on video
Add timestamp to video with location by video stamping camera
Use as a GPS tracker to track live location on video by adding longitude, latitude, address, date stamp, time stamp, and location stamp on videos
Custom stamps for manually adding information to the camera timestamp
In-app support for your issues
While clicking, you can get a Satellite Map Stamp on your photos
To have GPS Stamp video easily available whenever you want location based Videos
Use the free video Camera GPS stamp whenever and wherever you want
Get Timestamper & Date stamper works as video stamper having GPS stamps

People who can effectively use it:

People who enjoy exploring and recording their adventures will benefit from using a geotagged video timestamp camera app
Those who like recording with their location stamp on it can take the benefit of the app
Individuals who want to record and make a note of their site visit with a GPS Address can take full advantage of the app
Video bloggers who love adding the date timestamp to their videos can use the app effectively, as they can share the video with their live location

Record amazing videos with the GPS video camera app and start capturing some of your astonishing memories and trips with geotagging & GPS watermark on videos.

GPS map video camera app is there for recording video with GPS stamps on it. Add a video tag with location and video watermark to the video. Download it now.

GPS video camera user reviews :

Great apps, on landscape mode the map & background color covered 30℅ of the picture, why date/time always on?

Excellent app with so many features, i’m already using the gps camera app developed by you. and this video app is amazing just as the photo app i can now record videos with all the gps coordinates stamp on it! loved it keep it up..

Amazing application as it gets the Location details and stamp it on video with multiple details like (Weather, Date&Time, Lat&Long Coodinates) also the Mini Map of the Current Location. Loved using this app definitely i recommend it.

By far one of the best video stamping app with such amazing video quality and all the location details stamp on the video! I can now travel and record everthing i want with all the gps details stamped on it! Loved it!!

Wow awesome app for gps video stamp on video…

Most third class app add.. too much add, you can’t use the app smoothly due to add
  • Auto Stamper: Auto Photo Stamping Apps
  • We are sorry for this, but to continue work on this free app we need revenue from Ads. If you don’t want to see the Ads you can purchase the Pro version. Thanks for your understanding!

School tomorrow at the moment but you can come over here and I’m sorry for being so nice of

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Thanks to Raza for sharing GPS video camera

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