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GraalOnline EraWelcome to the world of GraalOnline Era, a modern 2D action MMO RPG. Purchase weapons and work with a gang to compete in activities such as special events, base capturing and PvP battles in the Spar Complex, or start your own gang and chart your own path!

There are a ton of unique weapons available. Melee weapons for close quarters or take out your enemies from long range with guns!

Complete quests to access other items to boost your arsenal. Character customization is a staple of GraalOnline! There are thousands of hats and outfits with the option to upload your own graphics to the game, which makes the customization options endless!

Player houses and gang houses offer further customization options, with stores across the map providing a wide variety of ideas and unique furniture items. Seasonal changes bring various updates, including unique themed shops, season-appropriate methods for making money, and unique changes to the map.

Game Features:

Create your Gangster
There are infinite Free ways to customize your character when you start playing, options to upload your pixel art to create endless customization possibilities and to show off your style.

House customization, with countless shops in-game that sell thousands of unique pieces of furniture to customize your house the way you want.

Massive Open World PVP
Battle against thousands of players in real-time on GraalOnline Era, Whether it be 1 v 1 sparring matches or 5 v 5 gang spar matches, or maybe you join your friends and play Laser Tag, defend against waves of enemies in Plasma Corp, or join in a Battle Royale! Or even take part in a Gang War with gangs of up to 25 players to claim Gang Bases or battle players across the giant map!

GraalOnline Era is updated regularly with various hats, weapons, items and furniture to collect!

There is something for everyone to do to gain currency in GraalOnline Era. Make pizzas at Speedy Pizza, dig up shells at one of the beautiful beaches around the game, collect mushrooms and garbage across the massive map, and many more!

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GraalOnline Era user reviews :

I love this game so much ever since I started playing it last 2015 but it’s starting to lose it’s thrill because the events and items are getting worse but nevertheless, I still play this game and I’m still hoping it’ll get better. One problem I’d have with this game is that on my phone, it doesn’t go full screen ’cause my navigation dock shows. I’ve never had problems with full screen games except for this one so I hope you can do something about this.

Best game ive ever played. I’ve been in the game for 5 yrs now and it’s still alive. Content release are nice and overall a nice experience to have. Perfect game for me; has player customizations, free to roam, optional quests, admin hosted events, a huge playerbase, and what i want for a game: time consuming and grinding. Would recommend to my friends all the time. Live long.

It isn’t a bad game and I see a lot of potential in it. Once you earned up money to buy a decent gun and melee that’s when the fun part begins. Really enjoyed pking or basing. Some people are friendly some aren’t. You could actually customize a 2D pixel art version of your character and find customisations from websites made by the community. Find myself going back reinstalling the game after some time. The part that sucked is that it lags a lot on certain devices.

Things are quite well mediocre in some level to earn gralats(currency) for example is quite boring for some reason. Although i can see why this game has still a maintainable fanbase. Of course some of them being old players. the gameplay is inspired in some games with an rogue like aspect or in other cases like “zelda” to be specific. The Player base is quite the toxic mess but still survivable. And focuses on a “no pain no gain” kind of grind. not one of the greatest games but almost decent

It’s a good game overall. There are plenty of weapons but most of them are bad. These only a handful of weapons that people actually use. Updates are coming out slowly and the items are not great. Most people already got the most expensive gun (bar) and you’ll probably see more than half the people using it at forts/basing. The games has some lag and with a slower phone you may have some issue.

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